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How to Disconnect Contacts Syncing on Instagram [Ultimate Guide]

This is the complete guide on how to disconnect contacts syncing on Instagram. Check out the best practices of turning off syncing contacts.

Updated 2022-02-17 18:43:08 | by Albert

Instagram makes it easy to connect to more people on Instagram by linking contacts on your phone. However, some of the people in the contacts may already be estranged or have a business relationship, and you may not want to associate with them on Instagram.

In this article, you can learn what happens when you sync contacts on Instagram and how to disconnect contacts syncing on Instagram. Let’s dive right in.

How to Disconnect Contacts Syncing on Instagram

What Happens If I Sync Contacts to Instagram?

Learn what happens when you link contacts on Instagram and how it affects other accounts.

Your account appears in "Suggestions" such as feeds and stories

When you sync contacts on Instagram, the Instagram account linked to the email address or phone number will be displayed in the "Suggested for you" list.

Suggested for You on Instagram

Contacts are synced regularly, so if you add a new contact to your device, that contact will also be linked to Instagram, thus increasing the chances of getting new Instagram followers from contacts.

When you look at feeds and story posts, suggestions that flow will show the highly relevant accounts to you. Your acquaintances will also be listed here when you sync your contacts associated with your phone number or email address.

Similarly, the menu button at the top right of the profile screen. You can also see your suggested friends by tapping Discover People. You’ll also see the Instagram account associated with your contacts if you’re syncing your contacts.

Discover People on Instagram

It doesn’t always show your account to other accounts

Syncing your contacts on Instagram doesn't mean your account can be suggested for other users. However, if they also have turn on the Sync on Instagram, you may appear in their suggested lists.

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How to Turn off Contacts Syncing on Instagram

Thankfully, you can unsync contacts on Instagram. Here's how to prevent contacts from syncing to Instagram in the first place and how to unlink them.

Don't link contacts when creating an account

When you create a new Instagram account, you will be asked if you want to link your contacts. If you choose Skip here and tap Later on the "Find people to follow" dialog box, you can avoid syncing your contacts. If you change your mind, you can turn on sync.

Delete your personal contacts on Instagram

If you have already enabled the contact link, you can cancel the setting by following the steps below.

Step 1: Tap the menu button at the top right of the profile, then tap Settings > Account> Contact syncing. 

Contacts Syncing on Instagram - Settings

Step 2: Open Sync Contacts, turn off the "Connect contacts" button and select "Disconnect" on the confirmation screen to complete the process.

Disconnect Contacts on Instagram

After that, the automatic synchronization of contacts on Instagram will stop.

However, the contacts you have already linked to will remain in the "Suggested for you" list. If you tap the "x" displayed next to the account in the "Suggested for you" list, it will not be displayed again.

Remove Suggested Friends on Instagram

Please note that the list will show accounts that are highly relevant to you. Even if you unsync your contacts, your friends in contacts will still be likely to appear in the suggested list.

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Turn off contact syncing from device settings

You can also turn off contact syncing on Instagram from your device settings. It also acts as a stopper (even if you accidentally turn on sync on the app) by not giving the Instagram app access to the "Contacts".

For iPhone

Open the "Settings" app, scroll down the screen and select Instagram. Turn off the "Contacts" button on the next screen, and you’re good to go.

Disallow Instagram App Access to Contacts on iPhone

In this state, if you try to link a contact on Instagram, The "Couldn’t load users" will be displayed and you will be asked to allow Instagram access to your Contacts.

Couldn’t Load Users - Contacts Syncing on Instagram

For Android smartphones

After opening "Settings" on your device, tap the app and select Instagram.

Then turn off the "Contacts" button and you're done.

If you want to start syncing contacts on Instagram again, you must first turn on the "Contacts" button on your device following the same steps.

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Consider setting private accounts if necessary

You may be able to see your account be suggested for other users, even if you can prevent your contacts from appearing in your feed.

There is no way to prevent it from appearing in other people’s "Suggested for you" lists, but "Private setting" effectively prevents them from following you. If you keep your account private, you will not be followed by others unless you approve it, and you can hide posts and so on.

You can tap the menu button at the top right of the profile screen. Then proceed to privacy settings by taping Settings > Privacy. Turn on "Private account". Your posts and stories will no longer be visible to anyone other than the one you approve.

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The Bottom Line

This article covered all methods of how to disconnect contacts syncing on Instagram and introduced the best practices when you unlink or unsync contacts. It also showed you the easy way to increase free Instagram followers without contacts syncing. Let’s download it to make magics to your account.

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