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Temporarily Disable Instagram Account in 2021: Everything You Want to Know

How to disable Instagram account? How long can you temporarily disable your Instagram? Also including undisable Instagram account, and delete account.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Rainer

Would you want to take a break from Instagram But delete the account will lose all your Instagram data posts, stories and IGTVs, etc, most of which you haven't backed up before. So how to have a rest while all things are preserved Try disable Instagram account temporarily to prevent others from tracking you and also keep all photos. After a well rest, you can come back on Instagram radiantly with nothing changes. This post shows the details of how to disable Instagram account, disable Instagram account recovery and how to delete account.

2 Ways to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily?

It's not difficult and doesn't take much of your time to disable your account. Pay attention! You can't temporarily disable your account from within the Instagram app. And according to the Instagram help center, you can only disable your account from a PC or a mobile browser. The below are the 2 easiest ways to disable Instagram account.

1. Disable Instagram Account from A Computer

Step 1: Log in from a computer.
Step 2: Click your profile picture in the top right and click profile to edit profile.

Disable Instagram Account from A Computer

Step 3: Scroll down to tap 'temporarily disable my account' button.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Step 4: Select an option why you want to disable and enter your Instagram password and Temporarily Disable Account.
Reason to Disable Instagram Account

4 Steps to Disable Your Instagram Account

2. Disable Instagram Account from A Mobile Browser

Although you cannot disable account in Instagram app, you can still disable Instagram account on mobile with a browser. The operation steps on the mobile phone are very similiar to the steps on the destop except with one additional step before the first step.
Step 1: Open a browser and log in also, you can turn the page into the desktop version.
Then all steps are the same with PC’s and you can just refer to the above steps.
Thus within 4 steps, you could solve the problem and deactivatee Instagram account successfully! But during the whole process, you have to log in to disable your account, which is also a way to prevent others to harm or block your account and remind you to be cautious. If you can’t remember your username or password, see the login tips in the Instagram help center.

How Long Can You Disable Your Instagram Account?

Now you can have a break, but how long can you temporarily disable your Instagram 2021? Actually, there is no exact limit on the disabling, and only deleting is restricted. After 30 days, your account deletion request will be accepted by Instagram and all your information will be permanently deleted. You cannot retrieve all the deleted information.

What Happens When Your Instagram Account Are Disable?

After disabling, what happens about your account and your followers Your Instagram profile, photos, stories, IGTVs, followers, comments and likes are hidden until you log in again and reactivate your account. And your followers or other strangers cannot track or view your Insta account information. That means your account is intangible to them.
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How to Undisable Instagram Account [Reactive]?

You may ask "If Instagram disabled my account for no reason, how could I get it back?" After disabling, you can reactivate Instagram account at any time. But you'd better remember your username and password to log in. If you really forget, you can reset your password with the e-mail bound to your account. 

How to Reactive Instagram Account

Other Tips: How to Delete Instagram Account?

If you have lost interest in Instagram and are unwilling to come back, you can just delete your account. But after deleting your account, you can't use the username anymore. Deleting an account also needs you to log in with your username and password.

How to Delete Your Insta Account

Also from PC or mobile browser:
Step 1: Log in to the Instagram Delete Account page.
Step 2:  Select an option for why you want to delete your account and enter your password to ensure again.
Step 3:  Tap Permanently delete my account.
After 30 days, your information starts to be deleted and it takes 90 days to delete all your data. Even though you have deleted your account, you can also view other's Instagram without account.

How to download Instagram copy of your information before deleting?

Although you decide to delete Instagram account permanently, there may left a lot of wonderful memories that you want to store. Fortunately, you can copy your photos and data in Instagram and it takes at most 48 hours. (For a few photos, photo downloaders are more practical.)

Download All Data from Instagram

How to do that?
Step 1: Log in Instagram app and turn to the profile page on the bottom-right.
Step 2: Tap the menu button on the top-right and choose Setting, then Security and Download Data.
Step 3: Enter your email address.
Please check your email notifying you that the download was finished. It takes 48 hours, so wait patiently.
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Bottom Line

This post introduces how to disable your Instagram account from mobile and PC, how long you can disable your account, what happens after you disabled, how to reactivate your account after disabling it.
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