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9 Secrets You Have to Know About Cute Instagram Story Ideas

Do you feel difficult in producing eye-catching Instagram stories? No worries, this post tells you the most welcomed cute Instagram story ideas currently.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Gary

Those most exquisitely designed Instagram stories once created, will easily make both your real friends and net friends envy you. So, if you want to do these things listed below, you are coming to the right place. 

  1. Show your own aesthetics, or share the tricks you just learned from the famous accounts? 

  2. Make adorable birthday stories for your girls/boyfriend, or just as an invitation card for your birthday party tonight.

  3. Practice the skills in making Instagram stories when you are bored. 

In this post, some scarcely-known tricks are freely shared with you, absorbing these methods and making them your own so that your girlfriends may need to seek advice from you. Let’s jump right in.

Cover of Cute Instagram Story Ideas

9 Cutest Instagram Story Ideas That Haven’t Been Found by the Masses

Making creative Instagram stories is a perpetual request for Ig users. Put aside your purposes for making Instagram stories, be they for

  • Entertainment

  • Killing time

  • Pleasing your girls

  • Make friends with strangers

Designing unique and cute stories will definitely contribute to achieving these goals. Lucky you, either one of the following 10 smart methods we gather for you is super helpful for making the exquisite and special design of Instagram story ideas.  Let’s cut the small talks and make stories without the participation of 3rd-party tools. 

The 1st Secret. Use the Photo Booth Effect

The Photo Booth area prepares series of interesting effects for you to choose from. Choose the highlighted one to catch viewers’ eyes at the first glance!

The 2nd Secret. Try the Animated Emojis

Steps: Choose a photo from gallery or share a post from your profile, Text icon and choose Emoji, then click on the ‘text animation’ button, then click to bring your post forward and make the emojis moveable background (birthday cake as background)

The 3rd Secret. Make the best use of Gifs

Use gifs to decorate your static stories, numerous materials are remained to be discovered. And you can pick up the cutest ones from Pinterest. 

Find the GIF Gallery from Pinterest

The 4th Secret. Stickers

Use romantic and unlimited PNG stickers to embellish your stories. 

The 5th Secret. Text

Animate the text, change the font to make the most stylish texts for your story.

The 6th Secret. Use Video background (iPhone Exclusive)

Steps: Click a sticker, then add a video, pull and drag to make this video the same size as your screen. And simultaneously tap your post to make it top onto the video. This little trick easily distinguishes your posts with the dynamic animation on the background.

The 7th Secret. Use Dynamic background (GIF version)

Steps: Go to the search bar and type in ‘could, river, tree’, add the cutest GIFs to your posts, enlarge them and tap your post at the same time to make it pop onto the surface.

The 8th Secret. Copy Emojis from Google

Copy them, past them on your text bar and you can have more special emojis on your story.

The 9th Secret. Clever drawing ideas

Use the swirl/circle and arrows to reshape your photos. And smart use of them will bring you total different performance. 

Cute Instagram Story Ideas for Birthday

Now let’s see how to arrange these skills mentioned above and create your own cute Instagram stories!

  • Tutorial for making cute Instagram stories for birthday 

Step 1. Add the photos of the girl who you want to celebrate birthday for.

Step 2. Search Polaroid, use the photo frame to ebrace your photos.

Step 3. Add creative fonts onto this post.

Make Story with Cute Instagram Story Ideas

Step 4. Don’t forget to @ this pretty girl when you post this story.

Cute Instagram Story Ideas Bring You More Unexpected Benefits

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 Instagram Story Idea to Get More Followers - Step 2

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 Instagram Story Idea to Get More Followers - Step 3

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Instagram Story Idea to Get More Followers - Step 4


This post gives 9 useful and rarely-known tricks to help you make impressive stories. With the cute Instagram story ideas given above, you can create ideal birthday stories effortlessly. And if you care to have a higher engagement rate, or a larger audience for your Instagram account, using social marketing tools is also a clever idea. 

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