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Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Followers Stats: Know More About the Most-Followed IG Account

Cristiano Ronaldo hits more than 500 million Instagram followers in 2023. Learn about the latest stats of Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram followers.

Updated 2022-12-28 14:21:30 | by Vita

It is common to find celebrities with more than one hundred million followers, especially on popular platforms such as Instagram. These social platforms provide these celebrities with a means to communicate and connect with their fans.

As of January 2023, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed individual athlete with beyond 500 million followers on Instagram. He is only second to the Instagram account, with four hundred and seventy million followers. By delving into the Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Followers, this post gets some truths that you may have not yet known before. Here are the details.

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Followers

Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Followers 2023

How many followers does Ronaldo have on Instagram? As of 2023, Cristiano has amassed over 520 million followers on Instagram alone. This significantly big count is tied to roughly 2.30% - 2.52% engagement rate, 9 million likes, and 80,000 comments per post. It is estimated that Ronaldo can rake in 1.72 million dollars per post on Instagram. This almost equals his average salary per month at Manchester United.

The latest statistics have also demonstrated more in-depth figures of Cristiano Ronaldo followers on Instagram from different dimensions.

  • Followers by Gender: Of these, 72% of Cristiano Ronaldo followers on Instagram are men, and 28% percent are women.

  • Followers by Niche: The majority of these followers are soccer fans, with the rest being music, beauty, and fashion followers.

  • Followers by Country: The majority of Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram followers are from India, more than any country in Europe.

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Likes and Comment Count

It is worth noting that Instagram influencers are a minority taking up only two percent of Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram followers. Additionally, pictures of Cristiano training, advertising, working out or having some time with his family get an average of ten million likes on Instagram.

Despite the impressive attention, Cristiano may as well be an individual with the biggest amount of fake Instagram followers.

How Many Fake Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram followers Are There

Instagram fake Instagram followers check also reveals that roughly 77% of followers contributing to the Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram followers count are real individuals. That is to say, about 92 million Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram followers are flagged as fake accounts.

Where do these fake Instagram followers come from? They are most likely to be unauthentic accounts given by third-party Instagram bots or inactive Instagram accounts that want to get more attraction by following big fishes in the community.

Nevertheless, the 23% of fake Instagram followers have partly shaped this most followed individual accounts. As this total count on a social media influencer's page increases, more people are likely to give positive comments to the account due to a sort of herd mentality. But more likely, increasing fake account followers would result in a negative public image.

Is It Possible to Reach Cristiano Ronaldo Followers Count

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How to Reach Cristiano Ronaldo Followers

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Reach Cristiano Ronaldo Followers

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