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The Latest Updates of Instagram Creator Accounts in 2022 - Is It Worth the Switch?

Is Instagram Creator Account worth the switch in 2022? Read the latest updates and the fullest comparison of creator account vs. business account to decide.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

One of the reasons, accounting for Instagram’s lasting popularity, is their penetrating insight into the urgent needs of Instagrammers. 

A good example is the roll-out of the Instagram Creator Account in early 2019 - a type of account available for all but best for public figures, content producers, artists and influencers, who have long hoped for separating themselves from personal accounts and business accounts. 

 Instagram Creator Account - Is It Worth the Switch?

After its launch, however, not a sense of joy but hesitation haunted Instagrammers. They didn’t know whether they should switch to a creator account or not, given the immature design back then. Two years later, if we look back again at whether it is worth switching to an Instagram creator account or not, will we have a more precise answer? 

To solve the puzzle, in this blog, therefore, you will learn the most extensive introduction and the latest updates about creator accounts on Instagram. With some suggestions and guides, you decide if the Instagram creator account is worth the switch in 2022.

1. What Is a Creator Account on Instagram?

Instagram creator account, also called Instagram creator profile, is a type of professional account differentiating from personal accounts and business accounts. With exclusive tools and features, it benefits all Instagrammers, especially influencers, so that they can better identify themselves, manage their account, and observe their performance with detailed data to get more and more free Instagram followers.

2. Why Did Instagram Launch Creator Account?

The launch of Instagram creator accounts can be seen as Instagram’s effort to better service and retain the treasure gold of this social media app - influencers.

Initially, everybody came to Instagram as a personal account whether he/she was a brand, an influencer, or an average Instagrammer. 

With Instagram gradually outgrowing its stereotype as a photo-sharing app, businesses perceived its potential as a social media marketing tool first, giving it a go on Instagram at full speed. They try all means to get more followers for brand awareness, promotion and sales. Meanwhile, they expected more advanced features for social media marketing and management on Instagram.

 Why Launch Creator Account Instagram

Seeing the rising needs from them, Instagram brought out Business Account, which allows brands to manage and perform better with all kinds of exclusive tools and features. 

However, business accounts are not a solution for all. Influencers, the lifeblood of the platform, were not satisfied. They desired a more identifiable profile, a more influencer-customized design to manage their accounts, and a more detailed analysis of their performance. That is how creator accounts on Instagram come into shape.

3. Instagram Creator Account Requirements

At the early stage, switching to a creator account on Instagram was required to have at least 10,000 followers and a Facebook page.

In 2022, no requirements are needed at all. It is available for every Instagrammer. You can switch whenever you want by following the steps in the next part.

4. How Switching to a Creator Account on Instagram?

Switching to an Instagram creator account is easy. Within 6 steps the work will be done.

Step 1: Go to your profile and tap the “hamburger icon” in the upper right corner to open the menu.

 Switch to Creator Account Instagram - Step 1

Step 2: Tap “Settings” at the top to open your Settings menu.

 Switch to Creator Account Instagram - Step 2

Step 3: Click “Switch to Professional Account” at the bottom.

  Alt: Switch to Creator Account Instagram - Step 3

Step 4: Choose a category that best describes what you do, display on profile or not, then click “Done”. 

Switch to Creator Account Instagram - Step 4

Step 5: Choose “Creator” and click “Next”.

Switch to Creator Account Instagram - Step 5 

Step 6: Complete Your Profile, Learn from Others and Invite Friends, then Click “Done”

 Switch to Creator Account Instagram - Step 6

Those are all steps to set up your creator account on Instagram.

5. The Latest Features of a Creator Account on Instagram in 2022

Back two years ago, the features on creator accounts are very limited and incomplete. But two years later, you will be amazed by the progress it has made. Check out the newest report of the updates of Instagram creator accounts. 

5.1. Powerful Creator Studio Dashboard

  • Schedule Your Posts

Nothing compares to the joy of our first update. Creator accounts are able to schedule posts from Creator Studio Dashboard since 2020! 

In the beginning, creator accounts couldn’t log in to any third-party tools. That meant a zero chance to schedule posts or check in-depth analysis. Therefore, many Instagrammers refused to make the switch. 

However, it is time to rethink it again now, because Creator Studio’s post scheduling and insightful data analysis have compensated for the shortcoming.  

 Creator Account Instagram - Schedule Your Posts with Creator Studio


  • Influencer-Customized Management Tools

 Another difference is the inclusion of a new feature called “Brand Collabs Manager”. It shows Instagram’s determination to make creator accounts really influencer-customized. 

Through this new feature, Instagram tries build a bridge between brands and influencers. If you really want to turn your influence into earnings, don’t hesitate to switch to a creator account on Instagram.

Creator Account on Instagram - Brand Collabs Mabager

5.2. Category Labels to Define Yourself

The category labels that describe what you do have more options for you now.

Instagram has changed the order of this step in the setup process. In the past, you chose your category after you had decided to switch to a creator or a business account. But now, you define your category label first, then select to be a creator account or a business account.

Creator Account Instagram - More Categories to Define Yourself

Owing to this changed order, categories that were once exclusive to creator accounts or business accounts are merged together. Therefore, you own doubled choices now. 

Besides, the new categories are added to the label from time to time.

5.3. More Flexible Profile Control

In 2022, when you access profile information, you have more flexibility to decide what to display. 

At the beginning stage of the creator account’s release, Instagrammers had to hide “Category Label” and “Contact Info” at the same time, if they wanted some control over “Profile Display”.

Today it becomes different in a much better way. Users can hide “Category Label” or “Contact Info” separately.

 Creator Account Instagram - More Flexible Profile Control

5.4. More Simplified Messaging

The design of “Two-Tab Notifications” has received much applause since it came out. It allows creator accounts to prioritize important messages in the “Primary” inbox and leave the rest of the messages in the “General” inbox. 

In this way, influencers are saved from the floods of messages every day.

With the “Saved Message” feature rolling out, it becomes more and more simplified and efficient for creator accounts to manage their messages on Instagram.

 Creator Account Instagram - Saved Replies

5.5. Detailed Growth Data

Though Insights remains much the same over the two years, it is still worth the mention.

Daily number of follows and unfollows gives creator accounts the most accurate data to measure their performance. This feature was exclusive to creator accounts only. 

At a glance at the net follower growth and decrease, creator accounts on Instagram immediately understand why my Instagram followers keep going up and down.

Creator Account Instagram - Daily Number of Follow/Unfollow

A breakdown of followers’ demographic data provides Instagram creator accounts the most insightful interpretation of their accounts. 

They have the access to the age, location, gender of their followers, so they have a better understanding of whom will be their targeted Instagram followers in the future.

With the help of Creator Studio, it is even possible to know when followers are active on Instagram, so creator accounts can find the best time to post on Instagram.

5.6. Shopping from Creators

If the shoppable tags feature manifests the value of Instagram creator accounts, the Instagram Checkout takes it up a notch, making it the essence of creator accounts on Instagram now. 

The new feature brings us a seamless shopping experience while we click the shoppable posts, which are posts with shoppable tags applicable only to creator and business accounts on Instagram. 

Followers can finish purchasing in-app without leaving for any websites or apps.

 Creator Account Instagram - Instagram checkout

6. Instagram Creator Vs. Business Account in 2022

Surprisingly, Instagram creator accounts and business accounts have become relatively the same with each other, only minor differences can tell when it comes to Instagram creator vs. business account

Some features were once reserved for creator accounts on Instagram only but business accounts now have them too, such as:

  • daily number of follow/unfollow   

  • simplified messaging

  • Flexible profile control

However, business accounts still own more features than Instagram creator accounts, such as 

  • call-to-action buttons

  • the in-app shop

  • access to third-party tools.

 Instagram Creator Vs. Business Account - Picture from Lumanu

7. Conclusion

Is the Instagram creator account worth the switch? The answer is yes, of course. Over the two years, Instagram has made a lot of efforts to adapt creator accounts to Influencers. Creator accounts on Instagram enjoy much more features and customized services than before. 

If you don’t have any of your own products to sell on Instagram, we suggest you switch to an Instagram creator account. It makes you more identifiable to not only your followers but also the potential brands to collaborate with.

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