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How to Copy Text From the Instagram Caption, Comment, or Post [2022]

This guide shows you how to copy text from Instagram posts, captions, comments and others. Check it out and enjoy the best copy-paste experience.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:08 | by Albert

How to copy text from Instagram post?” is a trendy question on the Internet. It has worried a lot of Instagram users, especially those who have to copy tags and long paragraphs from Instagram posts.

How to Copy Text on Instagram

The problem arose when the Instagram app developers disabled the copying functionality of the app. This step left disappointed a huge Instagram community. Then, the people started finding alternate ways to copy texts from Instagram comments, posts, captions, and stories.

Ways to Copy Text on Instagram

Here are convenient solutions to copy text from Instagram. The methods listed below will surely answer all the queries. And the screenshots attached to the article will emphasize the meaning of words and help in clear understanding.

Let’s discuss copying Instagram posts’ text using a mobile phone first. These approaches can help you copy paste Instagram hashtags, comments and any other texts.

1. Using the Browser App

The simplest method is using any browser application like chrome on both android and iOS. The following steps will prove helpful in this regard.

Step 1

Open the Instagram app and go onto the desired post. Tap on the three-dot option found on the top right side of the post. 

Copy Text on Instagram Using the Browser App - Step 1

Step 2

Tap the “copy link” option, and then the post link will get copied.

Copy Text on Instagram Using the Browser App - Step 2

Step 3

Then go to the chrome app, open it, and paste the link you have copied in the search bar. For pasting, tap and hold the search bar, and then paste. Tap the go button present at the bottom right corner of the keyboard.

Copy Text on Instagram Using the Browser App - Step 3

Step 4

The Instagram post whose link you paste in the search bar will open on the browser page. Now tap the more option in the caption to view the whole caption. Tap and hold any word of the caption.

Step 5

For the sake of expanding your selection, use the option buttons found at the start and end of the selected word or area.

Step 6

After completing the selection, tap on the “copy” option. In case, copy option has not appeared, tap on either the start or end option buttons present at the start or end of the selected text.

Copy Text on Instagram Using the Browser App - Step 6

Now you can paste this copied text either in another post on Instagram or wherever you want.

The above-mentioned method is simple and easy to copy, but the problem, “how to copy text from Instagram comment?” remains unsolved. The browser also doesn’t allow copying of comments. This problem will get an authentic solution in the very following method.

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2. Using Desktop Site Mode of Chrome Browser on Your Mobile

For caption 

The desktop site mode of chrome loads the page on the mobile just like a web page loaded on the Desktop. Let’s discuss in detail how it aids in copying text from Instagram.

Step 1

Follow the first three steps of “method 1”. Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the chrome page to open the menu. 

Copy Text from Instagram with Desktop Site Mode on Mobile - Step 1

Step 2

Tap on the “desktop site.” 

Step 3

The chrome page will get loaded in the desktop version on your phone. The text will become very small. If you want to enlarge it, pinch to zoom the page, and the text will get enlarged.

Copy Text from Instagram with Desktop Site Mode on Mobile - Step 3

Step 4

The chrome page will get loaded in the desktop version on your phone. The text will become very small. If you want to enlarge it, pinch to zoom the page, and the text will get enlarged.

Copy Text from Instagram with Desktop Site Mode on Mobile - Step 4

Step 5

Open the post, tap, and hold the desired text of the caption. Expand your selection with the aid of start and end options of the selected text.

Step 6

After selecting, tap copy, and it will copy in your phone’s memory. For using copied text, tap and hold the text bar and then tap the paste option.

Copy Text from Instagram with Desktop Site Mode on Mobile - Step 6

For comments

Step 1

Follow the three steps of “method 2 for caption”. Now, open the post, find the desired comment by scrolling down.

Step 2

Tap and hold any word of the required comment and then expand it to the whole comment. Then tap copy.

Copy Instagram Comments

The copied text is now in your mobile phone’s clipboard, and you can paste it anywhere.

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3. Using Instagram on Desktop

There is no restriction on copying text from Instagram on Desktop by Instagram developers. The following steps will guide you better and explain the meaning of my above line.

Step 1

Open any browser on a Desktop like chrome.

Step 2

Search for the official site of Instagram. 

Instagram Site

Step 3

Log in to your account here.

Step 4

Select and copy text from Instagram comments or captions.

Copy Text from Instagram on Desktop

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Copy Text from Instagram - FAQs

Is it legal to copy text from others on Instagram?

Normally, you can copy texts on Instagram from others. But those texts shouldn't be used for commercial purpose. That said, you want copy texts on Instagram just for sharing or spiking Inspiration on your content, it’s no problem. If you want to make a profit with others’ texts, you should obtain permission. Otherwise, it’s illegal.

How to copy text from the Instagram story?

When we talk about the Instagram story, it doesn’t get copied using the above methods. There are various applications and websites which claim to aid in copying Instagram story text.

How to copy text from an Instagram bio?

Instagram accounts bio is something that people love to make unique, eye-catching, and fascinating hooks to attract free Instagram followers. In this regard, they usually copy and edit others’ bio also. As the Instagram app has a restriction on copying it, alternative methods are the solution.

The desktop mode on the mobile phone and using a desktop allow you to copy Instagram text from your own and others’ profile bio.

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The Bottom Line

Instagram’s users give it popularity, enjoy its unique features, and stay connected to the world. But after the introduction of restrictions on copying text from it by the Instagram owner and Instagram developers, it became a huge issue. 

The users, especially those who spend most of their time on this app and use it for work, get worried. This article covers the possible solutions to the queries, just like how to copy text from the Instagram posts. There is as such no need to install any additional application to copy text from Instagram. Moreover, if you want to copy Instagram followers or get free Instagram likes effectively, you can take advantage of InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita for that purpose.

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