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How To Copy Someone's Followers On Instagram in 2021

One of the best ways to increase your target Instagram followers is to copy some’s followers on Instagram. Here are detailed steps.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cody

No matter what niche you are in, you can find many Instagramers targeting the same audience. Their followers, for the most part, have already shown a certain level of interest in your niche or products similar to the ones you offer. Therefore, it is a great strategy to copy some’s followers on Instagram. 

Copy Instagram Followers

Your competitors have probably researched a lot to get their target followers. It will save a lot of effort to steal followers from your competitors. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn 5 steps to copy someone’s followers on Instagram. 

Step 1: Find the Perfect Instagram Accounts to Copy Followers from

The first thing you would do to copy followers is to consider your competitors. What you are looking for are Instagram accounts focused on the same niche as you. You can start from lowest to highest by looking for local competitors and add them to your list of Instagram accounts. Don't focus on accounts that have very few followers, focus on the middle ground.

Generally, it is much easier to conquer or steal the followers of a competitor who has fewer followers than you, because you will be able to offer a much better service than them.

Once you find a large account and follow it, Instagram will suggest additional accounts that are similar. Following these accounts will transfer more Instagram followers, and so on.

Step 2: Determine Which Followers Are Most Likely To Follow You

To be honest, in most cases, if not all, it is impossible to transfer all loyal followers from one account to another, so it is very important to identify those followers who are more likely to follow you than the others.

How will you find out? Generally, those who are active on Instagram are probably willing to follow new accounts. When an Instagram user uses many features of Instagram, it indicates that Instagram is probably part of their life. 

Therefore, you should check if they often post, how many posts they have posted, how long they have on Instagram, and so on. 

One quick takeaway is to find those competitors whose following and followers ratio is close to 1:1, because they are most likely doing the Follow for Follower on Instagram. If you follow their followers, these followers will most likely follow you back. 

Step 3: Create a List of Your Target Followers

To ease your work, you can create a complete list of followers of your competitors’ Instagram followers. You can follow the steps below to export the full list of followers from any Instagram account. After that, you can then quickly filter by name, follower count, posts, or anything. 

Step 1. Install your Chrome web browser plugin name Export List of Instagram folders.

Step 2. Click the extension button and head to Www.

Export Instagram Followers

Step 3. Type Instagram's name into the pop-up window, then press on the button GET USERS LIST.

Step 4. You will export it to the CSV or XLSX file when opening a new page.

If completed, the entire Instagram Profile list can be viewed from Excel or other office programs. This is also good for searching someone’s followers on Instagram

Step 4: Interact With People And Fall In Love With Your Content

Once you've created a list of your competitors' followers who use Instagram often, it's time to interact with them.

You have three ways to participate with them: giving "likes", following them, and leaving comments. You can also use Instagram bots to like and follow them. Take your time to interact with them, they should notice your presence.

According to the statistics of every hundred “likes”, you can get between two and three new followers.

Step 5: Copy Hashtags Your Competition Uses

In addition, you should also spy on the hashtags your competition uses. This time, you should go after the big brands like Nike or Adidas if you are in the fitness niche. You should check what hashtags your competitors use. You can find users worth following if you check these hash-tags, since they are the users at whom the competition is targeted.

What’s more, you can identify the popular posts of your competitors and use these hashtags in your own posts, so that you can sit before the same crowd. If you are new to this, you can check this to learn how to copy and paste Instagram hashtags like a pro. 

The logic behind this is that your competitors probably have researched a lot to find these hashtags. More importantly, they are targeting the same audience as you are. 

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All These Works Better If…

If you follow all these steps, you surely copy some followers from your chosen accounts on Instagram. If you have fewer followers than the competitors to begin with, it may not work that well, because you need some initial followers to look more credible. 

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