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How to Change Your Instagram Name in 2021: Easy and Working

Get tired of your old name on Instagram and want the new one? This guide will show you how to change Instagram name in 2021.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Neal

There is no denying that a good name will improve impressions to an Instagram account. Sometimes, it is the easiest way to go successful. Thus, it is necessary to learn how to change Instagram name in the right situations. We write the following page to show you the steps on different devices. Besides, we will give you some tips for your Instagram names.

Title List

Distinguish Username and Display Name

Maybe many users just search how to change username on Instagram on Google but don’t figure out what names they really want to change. In fact, as you can see, there are two kinds of names on Instagram. You need to differentiate them and know which one you want to change.

How to Change Instagram Name – Differentiate Names


Username is an important name, like an ID that can't be the same as others'. You can log in by username and you can be searched by it too. You can use no longer than 30 letters, numbers, periods and underscores to finish it. In most cases, you can change your username to the previous one for another 14 days.

Display Name

The display name is what you want others to call you. The name helps your friends recognize you on Instagram more easily. Instead of a username, the name will display when you chat in the DM interface. Unlike username, you can put anything you want into the name kinds of symbol, even emoji. But you can change it only twice within 14 days.

How to Change Instagram Name on Mobile [APP]

It is quite easy to do it on your phone. Here I use an iPhone to show you how to change your name on Instagram. And the steps of Android devices are the same.

Step 1. Launch Instagram app and log in to your Instagram account

Step 2. Click the profile photos at the bottom right and go to your profile page.

How to Change Your Instagram Name – Profile Page

Step 3. Click “Edit Profile” and go to the setting pages.

 How to Change Your Instagram Name – Setting Page

Step 4. There are two kinds of names that you can change on this page.

  • If you want to change display name, please click the first “Name” to change.

  • If you want to change username, please tap on “Username” on the second line to make it.

When you add your new name, you need to click “Done” on the top right corner to finish it.

Changing a great username would be useful to get followers & likes. Also, you can try to get free Instagram followers no trial with this guide so your new name could be spread!

How to Change Your Instagram Name on Web

It is not a hard thing to change your Instagram name on the website. You don’t need more steps than that on a mobile phone to make it. Here let me show you how to change it.

Step 1. Log in to your Instagram account on the browser. 

Step 2. As I mark, click your profile photo in the red circle and go to your profile page on web.

How to change your name on Instagram – on Web

Step 3. Click “Edit profile” on web and go to the setting page.

How to change your name on Instagram – Profile Page on Web

Step 4. Cover the old name with the new you have prepared in the right place and click “Submit”. (be careful of which name you want to change)

How to change your name on Instagram – Submit your name

Note: Except for changing name, in this editing profile, Instagram allows you to make more adjustments about your accounts:

  • Change Password

  • Push Notifications

  • Manage Contacts

  • Privacy and Security

  • Login Activity History

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More Tips for Your Instagram Name

How to change Instagram name – Locations of Names

Besides how to change name on Instagram, you'd better know more about Instagram names. When someone sees your new post, the name on the post and the name in the comment area are both your username. If someone goes to your profile page, the name on the top is your username too and the display name is behind your profile photo.

It seems that username is more important on Instagram. Besides being used to log in to your Instagram account, the username gets more views than the display name. So owning a good username may help you get more followers in some ways. Here are some tips to change your username:

  • Be able to represent yourself in a way

  • All lower case letters are better

  • Don’t change it too frequently

  • Easy to remember

Although display name looks not so important, it deserves being paid attention to. Here are some suggestions for display name:

  • Add more detail about yourself

  • Kinds of form is better (not only name)

  • Differentiate from username

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Bottom Line

In this guide, I have shown you steps on how to change Instagram name and more details about Instagram names. But don’t change Instagram username too often, especially for the account that owns a large number of followers and gets a lot of likes of posts. Before changing it, you need to think over it. Hope the suggestions I have shared can help you in some ways.

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