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How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Really?

Can you see who views your Instagram really? And how can you see who views your Instagram story, profile, video? Here’s the latest thing you should know.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Rainer

Are you curious that who cares about you recently and views your Instagram page, or want to know if the recent posts and marketing promotion are working to bring more visits and how’s the viewers growth with time? These can be told by checking your Instagram viewers. But can you see who views your Instagram really?

How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Really

Actually, you can’t and you can. Instagram doesn’t allow to directly see the recent viewers list and numbers with its built-in function to protect users’ privacy. So you can’t. However, you still have other options to see who viewed your Instagram. Like:
#1. See it through posts, videos, stories ...
#2. Create a business account
#3. With the third-party apps
So let's take a detailed look at how can you see who views your Instagram account really!

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Instagram does not let you know who viewed your Instagram account, which of course includes the profile page, so you can’t see who viewed your Instagram profile. In addition, the viewers sum of your posts, stories and all videos are not equal to profile viewers, because someone could view your posts and stories via links or on Explore Page, instead of through your profile page. In other words, they viewed your posts and stories but didn’t view your profile. There’s another reason that people can view Instagram without account, so you can't trace back the exact profile viewers.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story and Video

And there is a heated topic on Quora and Google, ‘Can you see who viewed your Instagram video?’ The answer is you can see the viewer of most Instagram videos, such as the videos in posts and IGTV. Although it sounds a bit cumbersome, at least through doing this, you could see who definitely and truly viewed your Instagram! 

How Can You See Who Views Your Videos on Instagram?

You still cannot see who viewed your video name by name but only to see view counts on Instagram video. Here’s how can you see the view counts of post video and IGTV:

How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos

Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Story & Highlight?

Can you see who viewed your Instagram story? Or can you see who views your IG highlights? Previously, you could see how many people viewed this story and highlight at the eyeball image position and who, but it has been canceled.

Instagram does this for protecting user privacy. Can you watch someone's story without them knowing or without account? Of course! The good news is that your whereabouts would not be tracked, that is, as long as you do not interact with someone's posts and videos, he cannot know you viewed his account.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Posts

Instagram has many restrictions on views so that you can't directly see who views your posts and view counts, too. Yet, you can detect it from your post engagement and interaction, such as like, comment, repost and share.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram - Business Account

In method 1, just rough view counts are drawn out through the views of stories, posts and videos, which may not give you enough satisfaction. Try this method 2 to create a business account, which reveals more data of your account includes but not limited to profile visits, website clicks, get directions.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram with Business Account

How to Create a Business Account?
Step 1: Open the Instagram app, go to your profile and open the setting.
Step 2: Tap Account >Switch to Professional Account >Continue >Select a Category for your business and tap Done.
Step 3: Tap OK and Business and enter your business contact information.
Can you see who views your Instagram profile with method 2? After switching to a business account, you could check profile visits that show the status who viewed your Instagram, but it will still not disclose viewers’ names and profiles.
Although you don't know who are they, to learn your audience can help you manage your account strategically, such as audience country, age, and online period. Moreover, you could also see how many accounts you reach on and your impressions in a certain period.

How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram - With the 3-rd App

Some tracking apps or followers analyzers in App Store or Google Play claim to help you see who viewed your Instagram, but several tests show that they couldn't work well: Some of them just present irrelevant data instead of viewer list, such as who you followed don't follow you back; Or the viewers given are just randomly collected, while in fact, they didn't view your Instagram at all. Another reason not to use third-party software to see who viewed your Instagram is that these tools pose a threat to your Instagram account and personal privacy.

How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram with Third-Party App

Indeed, if you are really curious about it, you'd better choose safe and no-virus software and tread carefully when you are asked to manually tap a password or personal information.

How Can You Get More Views on Instagram

Although you can't see who viewed your Instagram exactly, the viewer counts are easy to get with these three methods. Now come back to why do you want to check who has visited your Instagram? To know your popularity? If it is far from your expectations how can you get more views?
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Bottom Line

How can you see who views your Instagram videos, stories, posts and profiles? After reading this post, you get clear direction and blueprint. How to get more views on Instagram in the future? Make good use of the free Instagram followers app and don’t miss trying GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

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