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[2021 New] Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites: Cheap, Real & Safe

Buying Instagram followers is a fast way to boost your Instagram. This article will introduce 5 top sites for you to buy Instagram followers. Cheap, reliable & real.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:08 | by Sydny

Instagram is making it harder for people to get followers. Especially if you are just starting, it’s extremely difficult to get the first 10k followers. People opt for a different way here. They buy the initial followers. As you have a decent followers count, it’s easier to get other followers and increase your fan following.

However, there are many buy Instagram followers top sites appearing in the market. If you first try some sites to buy Instagram followers, you may worry about spending money but get nothing. So, in this article, there are top 5 sites to buy Instagram followers which have been tested, it is surely efficient and worthy to trust to buy Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites

Criteria of Top Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

If you want to choose one reliable site to buy Instagram followers, you’d better make sure the website meets all these points below. This will save you money, time and energy, and will also help you in growing your account. 

Criterion 1: Cheap & Reasonable Price

Price is the key element while choosing to buy Instagram followers top sites. You should choose one that price is reasonable within your budget.

Criterion 2: Real & Active Instagram Followers

Bot followers are useless, so, you should find one website that can afford you real and active Instagram followers.

Criterion 3: Instant & Organic Delivery

The delivery of the followers should be organic and instant, which will be beneficial for your Instagram organic increasing.

Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites #1 - Cheapest Price is one buy Instagram followers top rated. It is the safest and genuine website that has been tested. You can buy Instagram followers real and active by visiting Also, provides not only high-quality Instagram followers but also the cheapest prices. The lowest price is less than $0.009 per follower, which will not bring a burden for you. Also, with the cheapest price and reliable site, buying Instagram followers will be easy for you.

What's more, provides you with 2 different payment methods, one is PayPal, another is the credit card, you can choose one of them to give the payment. With this site, getting 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes will not be a dream.

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Cheap & Reasonable Price

It’s one of the most affordable services comparing to other sites. You can buy Instagram followers 1000 for $5. There are different packages that have different prices, you can get one follower at a lower price of $0.009.

Real & Active Followers gathers real and active Instagram users. Once you buy Instagram followers, it will put your Instagram into one task pool, real and active Instagram users will come to see and follow you, you will get Instagram followers and likes real and active with no doubt.

Organic & Natural Delivery

The delivery is fast yet natural. For the safety of your Instagram account, the site will start to deliver the followers to your Instagram account at an instant and organic speed in 24 hours.

Auto Instagram Followers Available

You can select the number of followers you want each day and the IG account in which you want it. Thereafter, will start doing its works automatically. The plan is 100% automatic and doesn’t require you to follow other accounts or do anything else. 

Cons: begins to send Instagram followers to your Instagram account in 24 hours, it is a little slower, but for the safety of your Instagram account, it is necessary to do.

How to buy Instagram followers step by step?

Step 1. Visit the store page of's official website.

Step 2. Choose the type of Instagram followers you want to buy.

Top 5 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Step 3. Choose the package and enter your Instagram username.

Step 4. Click ’Buy Now’ to finish your purchase.

If you think it is not convenient to finish the steps of buying Instagram followers, you can buy Instagram followers directly through the banner of the following.

Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites #2 – Top Rated

You can always go with, which is one of the best buy Instagram followers top sites. The same already says it all. You can connect your IG and then select the number of followers you want to get. The process can be a little bit complicated for beginners. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can easily start getting followers here. if you want 50 followers per day for 60 days straight, it will cost you $0.89 per day. 

Followers Gallery Buy Instagram Followers Top Rated


It gives fast delivery to the followers. The delivery here is instant and it will hardly take a few minutes to get the followers.

You can also get likes along with followers. You will have to select “Likes” here. 

You can also use their Instagram followers app to get followers. If you don’t want to use the app, you can surely use the website as it’s one of the top 5 sites to buy Instagram followers


If you are planning to get a lot of followers, you will have to spend more money here. Therefore, that can be an issue for some people.

Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites #3 - Quickest 

Upleap is also one site to buy Instagram followers top rated, and it works on a similar principle. You can select the number of followers and you will then start getting the followers. It’s one of the quickest buy Instagram top sites you can go with. It doesn’t require any password to log in. The followers come from South East and Russia. They also have 24/7 support for any queries. 

Upleap Top 5 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers


It’s one of the quickest buy Instagram followers top sites. You don’t have to wait even 15 minutes to get the followers.

There is no password required to get the followers. You can start getting the followers directly. 


There is a minimum requirement that you will have to follow. You will have to spend at least $9 here to get started.

Although Upleap has the quickest followers there are few fake followers that you need to follow.

Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites #4 - Most Expensive

Mr. Insta is the website where you can get followers directly from the website. It’s an expensive website that you can use. There are a lot of services you can get here which is not just about Instagram. So, if you are using various other social media along with Instagram, you can use this website and get followers. You can also use the points to get followers. The points are also hard to earn. You will have to spend a lot of time or money to get followers and grow your account. 

Buy Instagram Followers Top Sites #5 - Multi-Platforms Services Included

Famoid is yet another multi-platform where you can get the services for different social media and not just for Instagram. The biggest benefit of this website is that it covers all the websites. So, if you want to get multiple services, you can surely use  Famoid. Also, Famoid has been in the industry for the past many years. Therefore, you will get better services here that you can use. It’s a service that you can rely on. 

Sum Up

This article introduces 5 buy Instagram followers top sites. If you are looking for the best website, you can always use to get fast followers at attractive prices. It’s easy to connect your account and start getting followers. 

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