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Buy Instagram Followers: Reviews and Analysis on 5 Best Follower-selling Websites

Buying Instagram followers reviews and analysis on the 5 best follower websites help you choose a reliable website to buy real Instagram followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Gracie

Instagram is a good platform to gain fame, promote products, or simply share beautiful photos and videos with many people. With a lot of followers on your Instagram account, all these can be achieved easily. But as we all know, accumulating a large number of followers on Instagram can be very difficult. Many people have encountered the problem of a too low follower number, which makes it hard to achieve their fame, promoting, or sharing goals on Instagram. Fortunately, many websites can help you increase followers sharply in a short time like follower selling products, which helps you get followers very fast, and reviews on buying Instagram followers are helpful.

Buy Instagram Followers Reviews

The fastest way to get numerous Instagram followers is to buy them on Instagram follower-selling websites. When buying Instagram followers, it’s important to check the reviews and the advantages of each website and choose the one that most meets your needs. This article contains buying Instagram followers reviews and analysis on the most popular 5 websites that sell Instagram followers. The details are as follows.

Why Buy Instagram Followers and Why Quality Matters?

There are many situations that Instagram users want followers, like increasing posts’ views, increasing like, or promoting products. But as everyone knows, it’s hard to increase Instagram followers in a short time without any help from those follower-grow websites, especially at the start of an account. If you are not assisted by a successful account or brand to increase followers, then the follower-selling websites may be your best choice to buy instant followers for Instagram.

When you are buying Instagram followers from follower-selling websites, you should give priority to the quality of followers. The followers you get should not be just numbers. They must be real social traffic that can increase your views, comments, and likes, which means the followers you buy need to be real users of Instagram instead of bots. What’s more, too many bot followers may bring risks like your account being restricted or banned. Therefore, you need to make sure the followers you are going to buy are high-quality real followers. Reviews on buying followers on Instagram can be of great help.

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Websites to Buy IG Followers: Reviews and Analysis

Based on research and trial, we pick out the 5 best websites that can meet most needs at suitable prices, have the best quality, and can give users good experiences. The following reviews and analysis include details of the services from each website, the prices, user experience, and ratings according to reviews and trials.

A Brief Comparison


We can see from the chart that the average price of Instagram followers is about $4 every 100 followers. And we can see that the quality of followers is related to the price. All the 5 websites sell like and even other traffic on Instagram and the more followers you buy, the lower the price is. Besides, all 5 websites provide a follower drop refill guarantee for 30 days. The details of each website as follows.

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iDigic is a website-based Instagram follower selling website that provides users with follower selling, likes selling, and view selling services on the official website. The follower selling service provides two choices, with one selling “high-quality” followers for $3.95 per 100 followers and the other one selling “super-quality” followers for $4.95.

The follower quality on iDigic is different. For “high-quality” plans, followers have profile pictures but no further uploads on their account, and for “super-quality” plans, followers are real and look super good and some of them have posts uploaded to their accounts. What you need to pay special attention to is that the drop rate of “super-quality” followers is also lower than that of “high-quality” followers. Fortunately, iDigic provides users with a 30-day follower refill guarantee for every drop.

The followers you bought from iDigic will be delivered within 0-30 minutes, and with more than 500 followers per hour, which is a relatively fast speed and can protect your account at the same time. However, we can’t be very sure that these followers are real Instagram users, and it is important to make sure the followers you buy are high-quality real Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers Reviews: iDigic

You don’t need to log in on iDigic and no password is needed to buy Instagram followers real, which can bring convenience to you as well as risks. Your purchase is not kept on any account and it may be hard for you to find it again to check the delivery or get other personalized support if you lost the page link.

To buy instagram followers on iDigic, you need three steps.

1. Choose your Instagram follower package.

2. Enter your username.

3. Complete the payment.

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GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is an Instagram follower and like website that provides paid and free followers and likes. It provides users with a website to buy Instagram followers and an application to get free followers or buy followers.

For users who want to buy followers directly, you can directly choose the number of followers you want to buy on the official website and pay for it. Then you can get followers immediately delivered at a fast and secure speed. In this way, all the followers you get are real active Instagram users that can be of real help to achieve your product promoting, sharing, fame gaining, or other goals.

Buy Instagram Followers Reviews: GetInsta

Steps to buy followers:

1. Choose the number of followers you want to buy.

2. Add your Instagram account.

3. Finish payment and the followers will be delivered instantly.

If you don’t want to spend money to increase real Instagram followers on your Instagram account, then you can download the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app to get followers instantly for free. You can do tasks, such as giving likes to other users’ posts and follow other users, to earn “coins” (used to buy followers and likes) to get free followers and likes. The steps of using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita for free users include app installation, signing up, finish tasks to get “coins”, and get followers or likes with “coins”.

The price of followers on GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is in the middle, but the followers perhaps can benefit you much more than other websites. After all, increasing followers and keeping them is a long-term process. GetInsta is absolutely the best choice if you want real, stable, and beneficial followers.


Services of Buzzoid are similar to iDigic, two kinds of follower quality that sell indifferent price, similar website, same guarantee time, etc. But the price on Buzzoid is lower than iDigic, and Buzzoid also provides a managed follower growing service that helps you to manage your account to grow followers and other traffic. This kind of service is suitable for business accounts. Buzzoid needs you to sign in to buy followers and Instagram reels views as well, which makes your purchase more secure.

Buy Instagram Followers Reviews: Buzzoid

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Famoid is another kind of follower selling website. The website meets your follower, like, or view growth demand by advertising, which means after you buy followers, likes, or views from Famoid, it let your account or posts exposed to more people to increase followers, likes, or views. This can also guarantee that the followers you get are from real Instagram users, not from bots, and the buying real Instagram followers reviews are always decent. Therefore, Famoid is also a good choice if you want real Instagram users as your followers.

Buy Instgram Followers Reviews: Famoid

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IntsgaFollowers is another website that sells followers in two different kinds, “high-quality” followers and “premium” followers. The “high-quality” followers are even cheaper on InstaFollowers, $2.97 for every 100 Instagram followers. If you don’t need to consider if the followers are real users, then InstaFollowers is even a better choice than Buzzoid. Signing up is also required on InstaFollowers. 

Buy Instgram Followers Reviews: InstaFollowers


There are many follower selling websites on the Internet, but they are of different quality. Therefore, it’s important to consult buying Instagram followers reviews when you choose a follower selling website. The quality of followers matters a lot and real followers are most beneficial. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita guarantees that all the sold followers are real Instagram users. So just choose GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to boom your traffic immediately!

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