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5 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Online [Real & Safe]

Where to buy real Instagram followers online? Read the blog to find sites to buy Instagram followers online cheap. No password, no human verification.

Updated 2022-01-21 07:59:17 | by Grace

It’s a huge number of daily users who log into Instagram to share posts, videos, sell products, and engage with others by liking posts and commenting. Instagram followers are your loyal audience who are likely to view your posts one by one and spend money on those products you’ve recommended. For this reason, expanding your audience and customers is necessary at any time. The fastest way is to get Instagram followers at the cost of money. In other words, buy Instagram followers. To avoid downloading a third-party app, it’s preferable to buy Instagram followers online. Safety is the priority to prevent your IG account from being banned or punished. And price should be taken into consideration as well. So there are 5 safe sites to be recommended to buy Instagram followers online at cheap price.

 Buy Instagram Followers Online

GetInsita: Buy Instagram Followers Online No Password

GetInsita is put first to buy Instagram followers online for many reasons. It is built by a professional team and safety is guaranteed in the site with advanced technology. No virus, no leak, no risk. Besides, multiple Instagram followers packages are offered to meet various needs. Instant Instagram followers and daily Instagram followers are available on the site. For a 2000 Instagram followers offer, you can get another free 1000 Instagram followers. It means that you spend certain money and gain more.

The site guarantees to send you real Instagram followers so that your IG account can be improved with the rising engagement rate. And you can make an order of Instagram likes for your upcoming posts. That makes the site outstanding among others. More surprisingly, after choosing a plan, you don’t have to input your Instagram password which is also preferred by many users. Just input your Instagram username and make payment. That’s done. Drop protection and instant delivery is guaranteed. Besides, it has mobile apps available on Android and iOS, allowing you to get free Instagram followers without one penny.

Followers Gallery: Buy Instagram Followers Online No Human Verification

Followers Gallery has been on the users’ list of buying Instagram followers online partly because it is safe to use and offers real Instagram followers. Simple steps is another advantage of the site to buy Instagram followers. No human verification is required on the site. Real Instagram followers will be sent to your Instagram account organically at a reasonable time.

Followers Gallery - Buy Instagram Followres Online

Similar to GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, Followers Gallery has 2 kinds of Instagram followers packages: instant followers for an instant increase of Instagram followers and daily auto followers for constant daily increase. Several offers can be chosen. To complete an order, choose an offer, input your Instagram username to connect with an IG account, and choose Buy Now to jump to the checkout page. The last step is using PayPal or a credit card to make a successful payment.

It also has Android and iOS apps to buy Instagram followers or get Instagram followers free without following. Have any interest? Download it by tapping the button below.

Mr.Insta - Buy Instagram Followers Online Private

Mr.Insta is seen as an old brand in the industry. It only allows users to buy auto Instagram followers online. No third-party applications. It provides the highest and most realistic-looking followers available, according to the site. So you can gain active Instagram followers to a large degree. Except for Instagram followers, it has expanded its service to other platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, and so on.

Mr.Insta - Buy Instagram Followers Online

The min number is 200 Instagram followers and the max number reaches 10000 for a one-time purchase. Buy USA/UK Instagram followers are the exception, ranging from 10 to 150 followers. After choosing a plan, on the checkout page, you are required to fill in detailed info, name, country, phone, email address, and more. Then choose the payment method from Debit, credit card, cryptocurrencies, Alipay, Wechat and gift cards to place an order.

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Buzzoid - Buy Instagram Followers Online

Buzzoid is a site dedicated to giving Instagram-related offers: buy Instagram followers, likes and views. Some people are going to buy Instagram followers Buzzoid partly because of the lower price compared with other sites. Of course, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The site has made it clear that you may not get real Instagram followers if you choose an ordinary offer. But the choice is still in the hand of you as it also provides premium followers offers for real active Instagram followers. 500 Instagram followers cost $11.99, and 5000 costs $84.99, higher than GetInsita and Followers Gallery and lower than Mr.Insta.

Buzzoid - Buy IG Followers

When you decide to make an order, you’re required to input your Instagram username and email address. After placing an order, its system assigns you new Instagram followers over a couple of days to avoid triggering Instagram spam detection caused by the dramatic influx of followers.

PlentySocial - Buy Instagram Followers Online Drop Protection

A wide range of Instagram-related services can be found on PlentySocial: getting Instagram followers likes, Instagram views and Instagram comments. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube-related services are available on the site as well. One site can help you grow your account on different social platforms.

Plentysocial - Buy Follower

Buy Instagram followers online package begins from 100 followers to 3000 followers. It makes it clear that you place an order without Instagram password, money back is guaranteed, and delivery is done with few hours. They are feasible unless your profile is set public. The payment method, totally different from other sites, is through the Stripe payment platform, where accepts credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets and so on. 


The above are recommended sites to buy Instagram followers online. These sites are safe to use, and no password, human verification is required. Choose one site and buy Instagram followers online without any worry. Or gain thousands of Instagram followers no password for free in a short time and see your Instagram account growing to be an influencer. Click the download button to get followers on Instagram free!

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