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How to Use Boomerang on Instagram: Make Appealing Videos

Want to create compelling Instagram videos? Need to get more Instagram video views? Boomerang on Instagram could help you solve the problem!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:08 | by Cracy

Instagram is one of the video platforms that receive boom popularity by the young people worldwide. Many people nowadays are enjoying creating Instagram videos and share their daily life with their Instagram followers. With the increasing demands on video styles, making compelling Instagram videos is no longer as simple as recording an ordinary video. It takes creativity and techniques. Boomerang on Instagram is an easy-to-use video application that turns your everyday moments into something interesting. In the following part, we will give a general introduction to Boomerang and a detailed guide on how to do Boomerang on Instagram.

Boomerang on Instagram

What is Boomerang on Instagram

To fully explore Instagram and you would find many hidden features waiting for you to unlock. Boomerang for Instagram is one of them, which allows you to share your stories and life in an unexpecting way. Boomerang was firstly introduced by Instagram to the public in 2015 as an application to create super-short videos played in an infinite loop. Different from gifs made up of 3-4 snapshots, the mechanism of Boomerang is to take a burst of pictures (around ten snapshots) in a short time and stitch them together to create a mini video played forward and backward. 

Features of Boomerang include but are not limited to:

  • Captivating videos replayed forth and back in a loop 

  • No Sign up needed

  • Easy to use in just one click

  • Instant sharing on social platforms including Instagram and Facebook

Besides making a Boomerang Instagram video, you could also have your selfies boomeranged and bring some life on your Instagram.

 Boomerang for Instagram

How to Do Boomerang on Instagram [Built-in Feature & Boomerang App]

Now, you must be eager to make a Boomerang on Instagram yourself. Generally speaking, there are two ways to create a Boomerang for Instagram. The first method takes advantage of Instagram's built-in functionality (Instagram Stories) to shoot a boomerang. Instagram has integrated the Boomerang tool into Instagram Stories, so users could use Boomerang on Instagram without downloading the Boomerang application on their phones. Here is how to use boomerang on Instagram. 

# 1: Boomerang on Instagram with Built-in Feature

Step 1:  Launch the Instagram application on your phone. 

Step 2:  Hit the Plus (‘+’) button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Scroll to select the Story option at the bottom of the screen. 

 How to Do Boomerang on Instagram with Built-in Feature - Step 2

Step 3: Tap the Boomerang button (infinity sign) on the middle left side of the screen. You could either upload photos from your camera roll or capture new content to take a Boomerang video. 

 How to Do Boomerang on Instagram with Built-in Feature - Step 3

Step 4: Press the recording button and use the front or back camera to snap your boomerang Instagram video.

Step 5: Once finished, you could edit your boomerang videos by adding some texts/music, turning on/off the sounds, trimming footage, or applying creative filter effects. 

Step 6: Click Next to publish the Boomerang clip on Instagram Story or send it to your friends.

 How to Do Boomerang on Instagram with Built-in Feature - Step 6

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# 2: Boomerang on Instagram with Boomerang App 

The second method to create Boomerang on Instagram is via the Boomerang application, which has the same functionality as the built-in Boomerang. Separated from Instagram, the Boomerang app is a standalone mobile software available for iOS and Android users. Following are the steps to make appealing back-and-forth GIF-style clips with the Boomerang app. 

Step 1: Download the boomerang app on App Store or Google Play. 

Step 2: Open the boomerang app on your phone. Press and hold the shutter button to record a boomerang. You could also switch viewfinders from rear-facing to front-facing by pressing the camera-flipper button next to the record button.

 How to Use Boomerang on Instagram with Boomerang App - Step 2

Step 3: Once done, add filter effects, captions, and music as per your needs. If you are satisfied with the final video clip, you could share the Boomerang to your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media.

 How to Use Boomerang on Instagram with Boomerang App - Step 3

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Use Instagram Boomerang New Effects to Beautify Instagram Stories

To keep up to date, Instagram has rolled out three brand-new effects to make your mini-videos even more fun. Simply applying the filter effects to a Boomerang on Instagram, you could create a perfect video-photo hybrid in a second. Let’s try these dramatic Boomerang effects all out, and illustrate them one by one: 

1. Classic

Boomerang Classic is the original setting that creates the classic back-and-forth looping gif-like clips. 

2. Slow-Mo

With a Slow-Mo filter, your Boomerang is played at half-speed and becomes two-second in length. 

3. Echo

Echo is a double vision effect that blurs your Boomerang on Instagram.

4. Duo

Duo speeds up your Boomerang and adds a glitchy transition.

 Boomerang Instagram Video Effects

How to Get More Followers by Posting a Boomerang on Instagram

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 Get More Followers on Boomerang Instagram Video

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 Get More Free Followers on Boomerang Instagram Video

The End 

In conclusion, this article introduces how to shoot a Boomerang on Instagram with Instagram's built-in feature and boomerang app. In addition, this article sheds some light on how to get more views of your Boomerang Instagram video. No matter you want to increase your Boomerang likes and Instagram followers to promote brand awareness, reach people around the world, or win popularity, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita guarantees that you could get Instagram followers likes. For that reason, we strongly recommend you download the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita application and get the free Boomerang promotion tool right away!

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