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Easy Trick on How to Post Blank Comments on Instagram in 2021

Want to stand out among plenty of comments? Read this blog to learn how to post a blank comment on Instagram, more tips to popularity as well.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Neal

Nowadays, Instagram has taken the world by storm, one of the social platforms that own the most number of users in the world. For either business purposes or personal pursuit of popularity, Instagram users try to get more attention.

If you want to get more attention, usually there are many ways to make it, posting unexpected pictures or making an unexpected point. But the one you should not miss is about comments. Sometimes, an attractive comment will easily draw attention from the bloggers. Especially for the influencers who own much popularity on Instagram, using a comment is a nice way to appeal to them.

So how to make your comments attractive is the key point of this blog. Reading this blog, you will know how to post a blank comment on Instagram, make attractive comments, and draw attention in another way.

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How to Make a Blank Comment on Instagram?

As we all know, Instagram won’t allow us to publish blank content in the comment area if you take the general ways. But here I will recommend to you an easy way to make it. Even you don’t need to download any apps and open any links, not to mention offering any private information, which guarantees you the safety of privacy. Then let me show you the easy way of how to comment blank on Instagram.

Step 1: Just imagine that there are words and select the blank content between two dollar symbols.

Step 2: Choose to copy it and paste it in the comment area or others

Step 3: Publish your blank comment on Instagram.

In this way, Instagram will allow you to give blank content in the comment area. Want to know why? You can think that there are real words in the blank space and use a special typeface to adjust it. Then it looks like blank comments here.

Besides Blank Comments, More Stylish Comments on Instagram

Using the best Intagram font changer is also feasible in our daily communication online. It will easily draw someone’s attention among the plenty of information too. You may see many bloggers like to add their information in a special typeface to their bio. So how should you do this?

Step 1: Click to igfonts.

Step 2: Enter the words you want to adjust and scroll down.

Step 3: There will be many kinds of typefaces, some of them you even have never seen.

Stylish Comment on Instagram

The kinds will be more than those covered in the picture I show. Both letters and numbers can be changed into new styles. This typeface won't be removed in forms. So you'd better not to directly copy these Instagram comments or others in these special typefaces and paste for emailing or searching on Google, because email and Google search may not catch your words. 

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What Can Blank Instagram Comment Do?

You can use blank Instagram comments to make more interesting comments or posts than you think. Here I will show you some forms to appeal to the one you are interested in. If you have better ideas, just email us!

One Blank Space Comment Instagram

The basic way is to create a small blank space in the comment area. This can be more peaceful than other ways but can be easily missed among plenty of comments.

One Blank Comment Instagram

Superimposed Blank Comments on Instagram

You can make an initial blank comment and give blank comments to yourself. Then it will look like this.

Superimposed Blank Instagram Comment

Blank Post with Blank Comments

Here is an interesting way to use blank comments, adding them to your posts. It will look like the following pictures. Make a blank post (blank picture with a blank subject) with blank comments. It looks so different!

Posts with Blank Comment Instagram

Want More Attention or Shoot to Fame on Instagram?

Besides blank comments on Instagram, stylish comments as well, here is another way to catch the audience’s attention. Imagine if you have a lot of free Instagram followers and likes? People will pay their attention more easily. That’s why celebrities will be more and more popular in some ways. For people not famous, the key is to build your initial popularity on Instagram. And the fame will come to you more easily.

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Bottom Line

It is not hard to draw attention from others on Instagram. Besides your followers, there will be the audience who inadvertently view your account, strangers, or someone you know. That is an interesting point about Instagram. In this case, we can easily build relationships with others. Besides, the way of how to comment blank on Instagram, there are also many ways to make it, stylish words, or even Instagram booster like GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. If you have better ideas, just give it a try!

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