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7 Funny Birthday Instagram Story Ideas – Hack 10k Followers as a Gift

Not finding great birthday Instagram story ideas? Click here, there're 7 funny Instagram story ideas for birthday to help win 10k Instagram followers easily.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Hedy

What story will you post on your birthday? Instagram stories are always been in trend since their inception. Of course, you can’t miss the chance to post a story with the highlights of your birthday. A great birthday story can not only record this beautiful day, but also attract a large number of Instagram followers for yourself.

Here this article will share with you 7 funny birthday Instagram story ideas with examples. Go through these stories which will give you perfect Instagram story ideas for birthday

Birthday Instagram Story Ideas

5 Best Birthday Instagram Story Ideas [Funny Pictures]

Idea 1: A Photo with Someone Who Accompanies You

As a song goes: the company is the longest confession of love. Although the person with whom you celebrate your birthday is different every year, everyone who stands by your side deserves to be remembered. If you're lucky enough to celebrate your birthday with the same person every year, then it's time to share your photo on the story! Whether it is friendship, love, or family affection, showing this photo will be a memorable happy birthday Instagram story idea.

 Great Birthday Instagram Story Ideas

Idea 2: A Photo of You with the Cake and Candles

A photo of you with the cake and candles is a popular way to be posted recently. A beautiful cake and warm candles are two of the most important things for a birthday. When your friends take pictures of you, you can also make a wish. It is one of the best Instagram story ideas for birthday to make life full of rituals.

  Best Instagram Story Ideas for Birthday

Idea 3: Most Worthwhile Photo of This Year

During your year, there must have been many things that you remember deeply and are worth remembering. The best way is to share the photo that is of great significance to you in the story. Use this photo to put an end to your whole year, which is very memorable. This can be the best selfie you have taken, the scenery while traveling, the significant event you participated in...

 Instagram Story Ideas for Birthday

Idea 4: Show the Birthday Gifts

When you receive gifts from friends and family on your birthday, will you accept them in silence and open them? It turns out that people will be happy if the gifts they give out are publicly displayed. People feel that they are valued. Your audience will think you are a grateful person and more audience are likely to follow you. 

Like the picture followed, this is a picture shared in the story by a popular Thai male star PP. Krit on his birthday. He showed the birthday gift his friend Billkin gave him - a Chanel handbag. This grateful sharing attracted a large number of Instagram free followers for PP. Therefore, showing birthday gifts is also one of the best birthday Instagram story ideas.

Happy Birthday Instagram Story Ideas

Idea 5: A Photo of Childhood and the Present

If you don’t know what story to post for your birthday, then a photo of childhood and the present is absolutely right. The contrast allows the audience to see your changes as you grow, which may attract them. Your followers will learn you more while passersby are likely to follow you if they’re impressed by your story! 

2 Useful Instagram Birthday Story Ideas [Cure Creative Block]

Idea 6: Birthday Countdown Instagram Story Ideas

There is an interesting new feature in Instagram Story. It is called "countdown". You can create a countdown to your birthday. When they tap on your countdown they have 2 options: they can choose to set a reminder for themselves to celebrate with you when your countdown is over, or share your countdown in their own Instagram stories. 

Birthday Countdown Instagram Story Ideas

Idea 7: Birthday Instagram Story Templates

Instagram story templates are vital tools with graphics, texts, and animations for creating attractive stories. If you don’t want to spend a lot of energy decorating your pictures, using Instagram story template apps is a good pick. Click here and learn more: 200+ Instagram Templates for Attractive Posts and Stories.

Instant Way to Get Followers without Birthday Instagram Story Ideas

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Bottom Line

That’s all for 7 funny birthday Instagram story ideas. When you celebrate your birthday, you can choose an idea you like to publish your story to gain more Instagram followers. Besides, if you want to spend less time getting Instagram followers, you can try out GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to hack 10k free followers for Instagram instantly!

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