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What is The Best Time to Post on Instagram 2020: Exact Day & Time

When is the best time to post on Instagram? Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday? 6 AM, 2 PM, or 9 PM? Read this blog to find the answer!

Updated 2022-06-27 17:33:19 | by Hedy

You can post on Instagram at any time you like, no matter you are a person of a normal schedule or a man who has a special time arrangement. Then, when is the best time to post on Instagram? Let’s seek through the following content and find out the best time to post on Instagram for likes and followers.

Post on Instagram at the Best Time

In general, better time, better engagement. Posting time is a key factor for getting popular on Instagram. If you post at a proper time when the post-competition is low, you are more likely to get more likes for your shares, more views for your videos, more comments for your stories, etc. What’s more, your posts will also have a larger chance to be seen by strangers. And, if they like your style, they will follow you. For businessmen, you will probably get more customers. More interactions on your account will further improve its authority.

  • Increase engagement

  • More followers

  • More likes

  • More customers

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The Best Time to Post on Instagram by Research 2020

There are a lot of companies that had done researches on the best Instagram post time. And, their findings are similar. The following will take Sprout’s search results as an example for analysis, which is based on Central Time Zone (CST).

Best Instagram Post Time in General

In Sprout’s research, the best times to post on Instagram are:

Best day: Wednesday (in one week; the worst day is Sunday)

Best times: Wednesday at 11 AM / Friday from 10 AM – 11 AM

Sprout’s Instagram Global Engagement

Are you surprised at the best post time to be Wednesday and Sunday turns out to be the worst time? Me too. In our traditional thought, weekends should be the best time for surfing Instagram. It surely is. Yet, it's also the worst time to post on Instagram. On weekends, all other Instagramers are active and a great number of other people’s photos, videos, stories, etc. are posted not just yours. Therefore, the competition is extremely high, and it's very hard for your post to get the eye of others. 

Even as your followers, they are most likely to just take a glance at your post and move to the next one without any interaction with your share. Moreover, they even fail to have the impression that there is one of your posts when they skim over the flow of the posts. Thus, to catch your readers’ eyes, you have to work hard to make your post extremely attractive, interesting, or meaningful. It’s a hard task I have to say.

Vice versa, on weekdays, especially in the middle of the weekdays, most people are busy working or studying. They have less time to post about their life. Once there is a time gap for resting, it is only enough for reading other Instagram users’ posts. So, if there is a post at this moment, it is more likely to get attention. 

Best Post Time in Different Industries

Though the general best time to post on Instagram is on Wednesday, there is a little bit different among different industries due to their unlike natures. The following is a table comparing the best Instagram posting time in 8 fields. 


Best Time

Best Day

Worst Day


Wednesday at 6 AM

Wednesday from 9-10 AM

Friday from 7-10 AM




Friday at 9 AM




Consumer Goods

Wednesday at 3 PM





Thursday at 1 PM




Friday at 11 AM




Friday at 10 AM




Tuesday at 8 AM





Tuesday from 1-3 PM

Wednesday at 2 PM



From the table above, we can see that, in general, weekdays are the period within which the best time locates. While the weekend is the worst time period for posts on Instagram.

In detail, Wednesday wins in number as the best day for posting on Instagram of different industries. It is selected for 5 out of total of 8 niches. The second one is Friday, the best time to post on Instagram Friday 2020 is around 10 AM. And the best time to post on Sunday is 8 AM-2 PM. 

For a specific time in a day of 24 hours, in general, the morning is better than afternoon; and night is the worst. In detail, the most popular best time for posts on Instagram is 8-10 AM and 1-3 PM. These two time periods are also the time for people to start their daily activities in the morning and in the afternoon respectively. Among the daily activities, surfing Instagram is a common one.

One more thing that should be noted is that we missing Monday in the above table. It turns out not to be the worst day to post on Instagram, neither the best.

Customize the Best Time to Post an Instagram

We can learn the general best time for sharing ourselves on Instagram and do it accordingly. Yet, just as different industries have different best posting time, for a single user, the best time for him/her to post on Instagram is specialized. So, find your personalized Instagram best post time is vital for you to increase your Instagram engagement.

Then, how to find the best time to post the UK? ? Is it very complex and time-consuming? Not really if you rely on one or two of the following Instagram analyzing tools.

1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an official analyzing tool. Using this tool, users can see where their followers come from, what is the age range of their followers and their followers’ gender. With the Insights, you can figure out your most popular posts and stories. More technically, you can see the data of account reach and impression both for organic and paid activity. More importantly, we can see the follower engagement at different times of a day and different days in a week.

Convert your profile to a business account before using this tool.

Instagram Insights


  • Free

  • No need to switch to other services


  • Limited analysis

  • Analyzing the time span is unable to customize

  • No way to export data

2. Later Best Time to Post

Later is a tool to plan, schedule, and analyze posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It can be called as an Instagram story scheduling tool. Especially, it has a feature called “Best Time to Post” which can help you find out your personal best time to post on your Instagram based on your recent best performing posts. It will calculate 7 top posting times for you.

Later Best Time to Post


  • Professional and profound

  • Personalized best time to post on Instagram

  • Schedule Instagram posts


  • Charge required

  • Schedule photos get blurry

  • Post rely on Later may have a bad influence on the Instagram engagement.

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3. Sprout ViralPost

Similar to Later, Sprout analyze your former posts on how your followers behave and when they have high engagement. Therefore, it speculates your customized best time to post on Instagram. It continues to analyze your Instagram posts behavior and adjust your personalized best time accordingly just like your private Instagram consultor.

Sprout ViralPost


  • The all-encompassing social media platform

  • Apply for both personal and business Instagram account

  • Provide business competitors’ analysis

  • Scheduling posts


  • High price

  • Limited social media linking

4. Test by Your Own Experience

Except for depending on official or third-party features to calculate your own special best time to post on Instagram, you can manually experiment with the time by yourself. Just obey the “single variable method”, post at the same time of different days and post on the same day of different times. Try several groups of such tests and you can finally figure out your perfect posting time on Instagram.


  • Free

  • Self-made experiment influences you more than others’

  • You may find more useful improvements for your account


  • Time-consuming

  • Energy-consuming

  • The result may not as accurate as professional tools

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Tips for Personalized Best Instagram Post Time 2020

Though you have professional tools to help you find your personal best posting time. There are still some aspects you should pay attention to.

Jet Lag

Jet Lag

Usually, your followers are not in the same geographical area and their time habits are different. While you can’t satisfy all your followers; you can’t obey the global general best Instagram posting time neither. Thus, you should find where most followers locate and post alone with the best time in their time zone, CST, EST (Eastern Time), PST (Pacific Standard Time), etc.

Posting Frequency

Posting Frequency

How often to post on Instagram? Post regularly will also be helpful to gain engagement. If you have no idea about the best frequency of posting, just follow the most followed Instagram accounts or top-name companies. Research has found that they post on Instagram an average of 1.5 times per day. Start at a low frequency and increase gradually, but make sure all are in your management.

New Instagram Account VS Old Account

New Account VS Old Account

If yours is an old Instagram account, which means you already have some followers, you can directly post based on most of your followers’ time zone (e.g. best time to post on Instagram PST). If your account is new, rely on the time zone most of your TARGET audience is in. You can sort them by countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, etc.) ore even by states or cities, like California, Florida, NYC, London, and so on. For the whole world marketing, EST is a good choice for time zone; it has a good balance between the USA and Europe.

Right Time Niche

Right Time Niche

Yes, there is a time niche for posting on Instagram. Generally, posts at non-working hours can get more instant engagement for people who have time surfing on Instagram then. Yet, the weekend is the worst posting time for the high impression competition mentioned above. Thus, post, when fewer people post within a non-working time period, is the best choice. For example, lunchtime on weekdays. 

The Bottom Line

All the content about what is the best time to post on Instagram has been introduced above Instagram followers and likes would increase gradually as long as you can arrange your Instagram post according to the day and time have shown above. But a more direct and fast way to get free Instagram followers and likes, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, is offered to you. This app is useful and trusted by 100k+ users, which is worthwhile for you to try. Just try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita now.

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