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Best Time to Post on IG Story According to Algorithm for Free Story Views

Knowing the best time to post on an IG story can get you more views and help your account reach a wider audience. But, what exactly is the golden hour of IG story? Stay tuned to find out.

Updated 2022-12-30 19:35:10 | by Dale

You open your IG, and the first thing you see are the pop-ups of stories that everyone has put, right? And you are drawn to view them. The same is the case with everyone, which is why IG stories are getting more audience than posts these days.

But, if you really want to nail the game of IG stories, you need to have enough views, and for that, you should know exactly when to post. So, keep reading because we are going to give you a sneak peek on the best time to post an IG story in 2023. Let’s get in!

Instagram Story - Best Time to Post on IG Story

When's the Best Time to Post on IG Story

Posting an IG tv story is not that big a deal, everyone does that but then why do some people get more views than others? Well, that is because they know the right time to post their stories, and they optimize this information to their benefit.

Obviously, if you post an IG story in the middle of the night, you cannot expect it to have maximum views and go viral because that’s not really how it is done. What you can do is make a list of all the times when your story can get the most views and only upload at those times.

Also, the best times to post an IG story vary on weekdays and weekends, so make sure to grab your notebook and start writing because these particular times are going to grab you quite a lot of story views.

According to IG experts, you should not be posting stories before 9 am as it does not get you a lot of followers. Though the Instagram algorithm keeps changing, the timings of maximum engagement pretty much remain the same.

Instagram Global Engagement - Best Time to Post on IG Story

Have a look at the below-given table and find out the best time when you can post an IG story and get maximum views.

Week Days 
Best Time
12 PM to 3 PM
9 AM to 12 PM


11 AM to 1 PM


11 AM to 2 PM


2 PM to 4 PM


9 AM to 12 PM
7 PM to 9 PM

 This table sums up the best time to post on IG story so we don’t see a reason why you would not get a sea of viewers on your story.

How to Stand Out at the Best Time to Post Instagram Story

When posting an Instagram story, there is a lot more you can do other than just knowing the best time to post Instagram story to increase your views. Here, we are going to walk you through all the things that you can do to get IG story views as well as free Instagram followers every hour apart from the timely posting of IG stories. So, let's get into it.

1. Increase Instagram Followers for IG Story

If you want to increase views on your story, the easiest thing to do is to increase your overall followers. Increasing your IG followers will also give you more exposure and a broader audience to communicate with, but increasing followers is not as easy as it sounds.

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Besides, the followers are also delivered to you in a very short time which makes it easier for you to post at any time of the day and still get maximum views. You can now get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

Furthermore, the platform is quite hassle-free and even if you haven’t used it before, you won’t have any difficulty. The best thing about GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is that the followers you will get are free and will last for a lifetime and you don’t have to worry about the best time to post on IG story either.

How to Get Followers on Instagram Using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita?

Getting fast followers and likes from GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is not that big of a hassle either. Just follow the below-given steps and you can get followers in no time.

Step 1. Install the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app on your phone and create your account or log in.

Step 2. Earn coins by doing multiple easy tasks.

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Step 3. Initiate a task of getting either free Instagram followers or likes.

Get Free Instagram Followers for IG Story Views

2. Use Instagram Story Hashtags Properly

Best Time to Post on IG Story with Hashtags

There are other ways to increase views on your IG story too other than getting followers directly. The best way of all is to use the right kind of hashtags. No matter if it’s for IG Story or Reels views hack. Yes, hashtags are kind of a big deal and if you use them correctly, you can reach your ideal audience too. Also, using these hashtags will make you more visible and will get you more views on IG stories too.

3. Add Polls and Stickers

Best Time to Post on IG Story with Polls

You can also add polls and stickers to your IG story apart from knowing the best time to post on IG story. These polls and stickers can increase the traffic on your stories and skyrocket your views too. But for this, you should also need to have some knowledge of the best time to post on IG story.

What Stories People Want to See at the Best Time to Post

Now that you know all about how you can increase your views by posting at the best times, you should also keep a check on the content you are posting. Most people like to see breakfast stories in the morning or just the good old outfit of the day. You can also post some recipes at peak times and they would do pretty good. 

Best Time to Post on IG Story with Attractive Content

You can also go for reviewing certain products that you like or just tell a story on your IG story but make sure to post it at the best time to post on IG story.


So, people are quite interested in watching IG stories and if you post your story at the right time, you will get the best reach. It is the very reason why we have listed the best time to post on IG story so you can get the most views out of it.

Another thing that is important for having more views is followers and most people don’t pay attention to them at all but, now you can get followers in no time from the top followers app: GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. So, install the app now and enjoy thousands of followers in no time without knowing the best time to post on Instagram story. 

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