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4 Best Repost Apps for Instagram 2021 - No Watermark & Auto Captions

Check the 4 best repost apps for Instagram, tested by myself. You can find the best repost app for Instagram without watermarks. Let's find out.

Updated 2021-11-04 16:04:04 | by Joy

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service. You can creatively edit your photos and videos and post on Instagram to win followers. However, it still lacks some practical features, allowing you to repost someone's photo or video on your page, or letting others repost your posts. To do this, all you need is a third-party app to help you. There’re many repost apps for Instagram on the market, but few are qualified. 

It is necessary to avoid bad repost apps. Most of you might want a shortcut to directly find the right app. Today we are going to talk about the 4 free apps to repost without watermarks in 2020. Let’s take a look.

Repost Apps for Instagram

Title List

Why Do You Need A Repost App for Instagram? 

First of all, repost can keep a nice quality of origin. Without a third-party app, you might have to take screenshots to repost someone else’s image, but this can greatly degrade the quality. With a repost app for Instagram video and photo, the quality will be promised.

Secondly, repost can be a way to organically grow your followers on Instagram. Many Instagram users want to repost other’s content because there’s a time that they have nothing to post. Sometimes, you may even feel happy that your post is reposted. It’s a sign that people like your content. As long as you know how to use the repost app for Instagram, you’ll be able to easily enrich your posts and be recognized by others.

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1. Regrann - Best Repost App for Instagram Without Watermark

Support system: Android

Updated date: June 7, 2020

When we talk about a repost app, Regrann will definitely be mentioned because it is easy to use and it reposts Instagram posts without watermarks. Also, it provides you some extra features, such as reposts later, saves photos, shares photos with other apps. When you start using it, you’ll find different modes on the table, such as Selection Popup Mode, Quick Save Mode, Quick Repost Mode, and Quick Post-Later Mode. 

Best Repost App for Instagram without Watermark

Selection Popup Mode will open your app whenever you copy a link for reposting. Quick Save Mode can automatically save photos and videos, bypassing the Selection Popup window. In Quick Repost Mode, Instagram will automatically be selected as the Regrann destination, bypassing the Selection Popup window. Quick Post-Later Mode will store posts for future use. What’s more, once you buy the pro app, you’ll be able to schedule your content. 

See how to use Regrann for reposting on your Android device. 

Step 1. Download and install Regrann on your phone. Then open the Instagram app and click on the 3 dots or paper airplane icon as long as you find the photo you prefer. 

Step 2. Select the “Share Link” instead of “Copy Link”. Note that the photo must be public and available. 

Step 3. Scroll the devices list, find Regrann. Once you open Regrann, the reposted content would pop up.

Step 4. Click the Instagram icon to repost Instagram no watermark or save the photo.

Step 5. The photo will be sent to Instagram. The original caption will be in the clipboard.

Repost without watermark


  • Free Instagram repost app no watermark

  • Supports users to repost multi-photo posts

  • No login required

  • No need to leave Instagram


  • You have to deal with ads

  • Can’t transfer original people tags

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2. Repost for Instagram - Best Instagram Repost App for Private Profiles 

Support system: Android, iOS

Updated date: April 29, 2020

Want to share photos across multiple business profiles? Why don’t you try Repost: for Instagram? It has been improved recently so that you can also repost media from private profiles. Even better, it is free of intrusive ads and minimal design. There’re three options before reposting, including adding to the story, sending directly, and posting to the feed. While reposting, you are free to add a filter you like. If the listed filters can’t afford you, you can scroll to the end, click Manage, and then you’ll find more filters to use. Besides, you can also adjust the brightness, structure, warmth, color, and highlight, etc. In short, it is the best repost app for Instagram 2020 iPhone and Android.

Repost app without watermark free

See simple guidance for Repost for Instagram.

Step 1. Open Instagram and copy the links of content you like.

Step 2. Back to Repost and refresh the list. The copied post will appear on the list.

Step 3. Tap the post to enter, crop, and edit the content as you like.

Step 4. Click “Next”, paste the caption and start to repost.

Best Instagram Repost App


  • Share photos across multiple business profiles

  • Repost media from private profiles

  • Can repost without a watermark in the free version

  • Support both Android and iOS


  • Every time you repost, it would credit itself.

  • Can’t repost with the caption automatically.

3. Regram - Repost Instagram Video Without Watermarks [Less Skips and Jumps] 

Support system: Android

Updated date: June 27, 2020

Regram is also nominated as the best tool because you don’t need to quit while using it. It is divided into three parts, including New Post, Posted, and Settings. You can copy the link or share it on Regram to repost. The latter will be faster. Or, to speed up the repost, you can set “Show quick repost” mode in the settings. The posts can also be saved on the list for later reposting. Regram helps you repost Instagram videos or photos by keeping the credit easy. It is also easy to use.

Instagram repost no watermark

While reposting, you are allowed to edit the watermark in position and background. What’s better, you can even repost without a watermark. Before reposting, you can check the caption, get a profile, and open a post on Instagram. There are three options that allow you not only to repost, but also to download and share.

The following is about the tutorial of Regram.

Step 1. Open Regram, and click the Instagram icon at the right corner, log in your Instagram account. 

Step 2. Click three dots icon and click “Copy Link” or “Share to” (faster when using “Share to”)

Step 3. Back to Regram. You’ll see the post is already on the “New Post” list.

Step 4. Tap the post. You can edit the watermark or remove it. 

Step 5. Click on the repost icon, and then start to repost.

Free Instagram repost app no watermark


  • Can repost with or without watermark

  • Supports repost with the caption

  • No need to exit Regram


  • You have to pay ad-free

  • Doesn’t support to repost stories

  • Need to log in to your Instagram account

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4. Reposter for Instagram - Download & Save Instagram Videos 

Support system: Android

Updated date: June 27, 2020

Reposter for Instagram is a powerful app that allows you to easily repost and download Instagram videos and photos. Once it starts, it begins waiting for you to copy an URL of an Instagram post. Reposter has lots of features making your experience more interesting. Repost Editor could unleash your creativity and make reposting funnier. With World and Local trends, you could explore what people are posting about. In Top Reposts, you’ll find the most popular reposts. You can also create a custom chronological feed where you’ll see the reposted contents of people you care about most. Reposter also has a quick start video on the homepage that shows you how to use it. 

The specific steps are as follows: 

Step 1. Open Instagram and find photos or videos you want to repost or download.

Step 2. Tap the three gray dots at the right corner of the post, then select “Copy Link”.

Step 3. Return to Reposter, the photo or video will appear automatically.

Step 4. Click “Repost settings”, you can add stickers, emojis, text, and drawings. 

Step 5. Click “Repost”, and share the photo on Instagram or with friends.

Best Repost Apps for Instagram 2020


  • Support download, save and view other’s reposts

  • No need to log in to your Instagram account on this app

  • Built-in post editor


  • Can’t remove the watermark in the free version

  • Have to pay for the ad-free version

Comparison Chart of the 4 Best Repost Apps for Instagram

After reading the introduction of the above 4 apps, are you still struggling with which one to choose? To help you make quick choices and increase Instagram followers daily, here is a detailed comparison chart of the products.

Apps Compatibility No Watermark Automatical Caption Multi-photos No login IG
Regrann Android
Repost for Instagram Android&iOS × ×
Regram Android × ×
Reposter for Instagram Android × × ×

The Bottom Line

Reposting is also an appreciation for Instagram users. You like someone’s photos, and you share it with others. While you’re reposting, you must have the permission of the post owner and credit them when you post it. Watermarks can be annoying, but it’s a safe way to get rid of copyright disputes. Hope the 4 best repost apps for Instagram 2020 will help you find the proper one and make reposting easier. 

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