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3 Essential Qualities & Traits the Best Instagram Followers Have - How to Get Them

This guide will tell you what essential qualities that the best Instagram followers should possess and the best IG increasing methods to get them instantly.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Thea

Usually, when people searching and adopting various methods to grow followers on Instagram, they pay more attention to methods part, such as searching on the Internet like best Instagram followers app, best Instagram followers site, best Instagram followers grow, best Instagram followers service, etc. Many people have overlooked the key subject of growing Instagram followers, that is what kind of followers are going to follow you on Instagram. Methods are important, whereas the main character, followers, cannot be ignored, which is the quality of Instagram followers that many Instagram industry leaders have emphasized.

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As a forward-looking and strategic marketing Instagrammer, you need to grow the best Instagram followers in the best, fastest, and most workable way. Well, what are the best Instagram followers? What qualities do best Instagram followers have? How do you get the best Instagram followers? Keep reading.

What are Best Instagram Followers

The best Instagram followers, as the words implied, are those who meet the standard of the word "best" and are recognized by the Instagram industry. Simply put, they have the best qualities as a follower and follow you on Instagram.

3 Essential Qualities/Traits for the Best Instagram Followers

To be the best Instagram follower, there must be a lot of qualities or traits they should have. Different Instagram users have different required characteristics for their target Instagram followers, however, all the Instagram followers have some essential traits in common. Three essential traits of the best Instagram followers are going to be discussed in the following.

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Not much can turn followers off like inauthenticity, no matter fake or bot followers. True followers of Instagram are going to be able to engage with you on every post while bot or zombie followers just make your follower numbers look great but do bring you a negative algorithm and that's not what you want to be associated with. When your followers are 100% real, they build trust with you, obtain a favorable tendency of the Instagram algorithm.


What good is all that authenticity if the influencer isn’t going to use it to engage with their followers? The whole point of engaging with real Instagram followers is to tap into their followers base through them.

Actively engaging with your followers, doesn’t mean need to spend lots of effort, though that has to pay some time. If your followers keep active and continually publishing posts and take the time to comment, share, and like on Instagram, they’re a keeper and transmitter to help you keep the followers attracting and growing.


Those Instagram followers who follow you on Instagram but then shut you down for some unknown reason is not the best Instagram followers. Good and best Instagram followers should be those who not only have high quality(real, active, or more traits ) but also have high loyalty. They really like you, interested in your posts, and will not easily unfollow you on Instagram.

How to Get Best Instagram Followers

After figuring out what the best Instagram followers are, and the three basic qualities that everyone aspires "best Instagram followers" to possess, the next is how to get these followers. When it comes to how to get the best Instagram followers, what we said at the beginning that many people focus on - the specific method of Instagram followers growth. Different from the beginning, before you choose a specific method, you must first confirm the best Instagram followers you really want to grow, and then pick the way that suits you best.

The following three methods are summarized, check to see which one is the best Instagram followers boost way for you.

Method 1. Buy Best Instagram Followers

If you have the budget, buying Instagram followers is undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient way to grow followers on Instagram. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Find the best Instagram followers service providers. You can search in Google or refer to some unbiased review articles about best Instagram followers to buy.

Step 2. Estimate if the followers they provide meet your requirements for the best Instagram followers.

Step 3. Buy Instagram followers directly.

Notice: Before choosing a service to buy Instagram followers in bulk, it is recommended that you buy a small number of packages first, because you may need an actual purchase order to accurately judge whether the service is offering you the best Instagram followers you want.

Method 2. Grow Best Instagram Followers Smartly: Use Best Instagram Followers App

Rather than buying best Instagram followers directly, one of the smarter ways to grow Instagram followers is to take full advantage of the best Instagram followers app to get followers on Instagram for free. Here's one of the best followers apps recommended by the majority of users - GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

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GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is a free Instagram follower app that makes it possible for you to get Instagram followers unlimited free forever. It enables you to get free Instagram followers in the app since the app would award you virtual coins when you just enter the app and gain unlimited coins as long as you keeping use it. The unlimited coins you collected in the app are what you can use to buy followers, likes, and even comments later. Sounds good? Get the app now and you will see it is indeed good.

Step 1. Download and install GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita from the official site.

Step 2. Log in to the app after registering your account > Claim coins reward from first login, easy coin tasks, daily reward, lucky box, lucky draw, etc.

Get Coins with Instagram Followers App.png

Step 3. Select an Instagram followers trial, 1000 Instagram followers trial, 500 Instagram followers or other, and then pay with your coins.

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Method 3. Get Best Instagram Followers Manually: Post, Analysis, Attract and Maintain

In addition to the above two methods to hack Instagram followers, frankly, there is a very primitive method that is completely independent of any Instagram followers apps or Instagram followers services. It is by posting, analyzing your audience, and attracting and converting potential fans. It's not enough to attract followers, you have to do everything you can to maintain them since when you have a small number of followers, it's easy to lose those hard-won followers because people like to follow those who have a lot of followers.   

The Bottom Line

The above is the explanation of misunderstandings about best Instagram followers, the circumvention method of getting unreal Instagram followers, as well as the regular and easier methods of how to get the best Instagram followers. After figuring out your best Instagram followers, you can use the method that suits you best, with the least effort and cost (time or money) to achieve the fastest growth in the number of Instagram followers and the promotion of your Instagram account. 

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