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What Is the Best Frequency to Post on Instagram?

Don't know how often you should post to Instagram? Discover the best frequency to post on Instagram in this post and enhance your social network influence.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

A lot of researches and strategies have been conducted to understand when to post on Instagram brings unrivaled results, while little have marketing giants looked into when it comes to the best frequency to post on Instagram. In point of fact, it's equally important to understand how often should you post on social networks as so many factors are involved in the Instagram algorithm on the subject of content distribution.

"How often post to Instagram" is the Fort Knox of the Instagram algorithm. Is posting twice a day on Instagram better than every two days? Wondering if you are posting in a less satisfying intensity and harming your Instagram performance? This post will uncover the mystery of the optimal posting frequency on Instagram and list some little-known facts of Instagram content marketing.

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What Do Studies Say About the Best Frequency to Post on Instagram? 

The principle that more is better may not work in the matter of how regularly you should post on Instagram. A newest report concluded by Rival IQ, an authority in social data marketing, finding, and analyzing, proves that the median posting frequency of Instagram is 4.0 posts per week across all industries, which is declined by 8% in 2021.

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However, it doesn't necessarily mean posting 4 times a week drives the most traffic, as the later findings indicated that an influencer, Higher Ed, was the engagement winner on Instagram despite his below-median posting frequency. Meanwhile, it's noted that Sports Teams, by contrast, posts over 10 times a week and also has an enhanced engagement.

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In addition, Hootsuite, a company focusing on social media customer relationships, also jumped into the research on discovering the ideal number of times a day (or week) to post on Instagram, with a conclusion that the best frequency to post on Instagram is between 3-7 times per week. A general recommendation for posting Instagram feeds is 2-3 times per week and stories can be posted with higher regularity.

In summary, the average number of posts on Instagram is 4 times a week. However, how often to post on Instagram may not be directly proportional to the popularity and engagement of your content.

Part 2: How Often Do Brands Post on Instagram in Reality?

Instagram isn't just for personal use but also a global platform for brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, share promotions, showcase products, and inspire their audience. Businesses are more eager to known the best frequency to post on Instagram since it intuitively affects their incomes and profits.

Union Metrics' recent study that monitored the Instagram posting activity of 55 brands over months reaffirmed that there’s no recorded drop or boost in engagement when posting more often.

Monthly verification of the stats is based on Nike (90 million followers), Victoria’s Secret (68 million followers), Huda Beauty (38 million followers), Chanel (36 million followers), Gucci(35.6 million followers), Zara (34 million followers), Louis Vuitton (33 million followers), Dior (26.6 million followers), Adidas (24 million followers), and MAC (22 million followers). Most brands post once or twice every day, but some also post 100 or more times within a month. The total number of posts per brand divided by 30 days returns an average result of 1.5 posts per day, which is in line with Hootsuite's conclusion - the frequency that brands share on Instagram is 1.56 posts per day.

The Best Frequency to Post on Instagram for Brands.jpg

Anyhow, an average of 1.5 posts per day can't be regarded as the best frequency to post on Instagram in that it's not identified that the number of posts a brand publishes each day is bound together by the engagement rate those posts receive.

Part 3: Consistency Over Frequency & Quality Over Quantity

Some accounts received increased followers while some not after following the so-called best frequency to post on Instagram. So it's not wise to keep asking how regularly you should post on Instagram after reading the investigations aforementioned.

Then how about you post in a high frequency like 10 feeds a day, will this surely bring you more content distribution? The quick answer, unfortunately, is negative. On the one hand, posting too much meaningless could generate an alert or even a limited exposure from the Instagram algorithm; on the other hand, nonsense content published in a high quantity could stir up troubles, likes losing followers.

The marketing guru Neil Patel has made it clear, "If you post too infrequently, your audience will forget that you exist and you will quickly fade into the deep dark recesses of their minds. However, if you are posting too often, you will become a complete nuisance and they will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their feed."

In any case, what determines how often post to Instagram and how much traffic is driven to your content is never solely about quantity and frequency. Instead, consistency has an apparent advantage over frequency, just as quality over quantity.

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How to Get More Followers Regardless of Post Frequency?

Though you have understood that how often to post on Instagram mainly depends on consistency and quality, it's hard to maintain a regular posting all the time in the case of no proper picture to share or no social media posting calendar to remind you to post regularly.

Why not simply leave the best frequency to post on Instagram behind your mind? You can make a great balance between account activity and influence enhancement, simultaneously, play the game per the Instagram algorithm.

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Wrapping It Up

The acknowledgment of how often to post to Instagram, to be honest, is that there is no best frequency to post on Instagram. How many times you should post to Instagram per day is barely up to your feeds and promotion strategies. It's more about how much you want to say to your audience on the exact day. Remember that, never post to Instagram just for the sake of posting!

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