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8 Tactics on How to Beat Instagram Algorithm in 2021

Instagram algorithm decides which posts people see when they open their feed. Adopt 8 tactics to beat Instagram algorithm and improve your ranking.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cracy

Guess you must have heard of Google algorithm. It affects the ranking of a website to a large extent. Companies will take a series of measures to beat Google algorithm, thereby improving their websites ranking in the Google search engine. Instagram algorithm is the same as it. If you want to increase the exposure of accounts, you have to try your best to beat Instagram algorithm. Thus, more and more users will see your posts and videos. This article lists 8 tactics on how to beat Instagram algorithm 2021. Use them to improve your ranking now.

How to Beat Instagram Algorithm in 2021

Title List

What is Instagram Algorithm & How It Works

The Instagram algorithm determines which post users see when opening their feed. Therefore, you need to work hard to improve the possibility of your posts shown to the public. If you spend a lot of spare time on Instagram, you will find that the Instagram algorithm works in mysterious ways. For the Instagram algorithm is based on machine learning, the way it ranks your posts is constantly updated. But don't worry, once you understand its actual working principle, you can adjust your strategy to work with it.

So, how does Instagram algorithm work in 2021?

Engagement: Instagram algorithm watches engagement with your followers. If your followers often like and comment on your posts, this is telling the algorithm a message, "This person's posts are interesting, and I want to see his posts often in my feed." If you are frequently marked by followers in posts or comments, it also sends a message to the algorithm, "This person is important to me, I want to see his post first in my feed." Therefore, in the process of your Instagram success, it’s vital to engage with your followers.

Time: Instagram algorithm considers time. Instagram will always recommend the latest and hottest posts to users. That means you must consider the importance of time. If you do not post for a long time, the ins algorithm will think that this account is disabled, and naturally it will not give you the opportunity to display your posts. Pay attention to the online time of your followers, and publish posts in a timely manner. Notice that do not post dozens of posts a day, or you may have a risk of being banned.

If you can catch the two points, you will know how to beat the Instagram algorithm 2021 easily.

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8 Tactics on How to Beat Instagram Algorithm

After understanding the most important factors affecting the Instagram algorithm, a series of strategies can be adopted to beat Instagram algorithm in 2021. Always create high-quality contents to stand up to current and future Instagram algorithm changes, so that your Instagram account always maintains the peak state, and then to achieve greater success. Follow the 8 tactics to beat Instagram algorithm at once.

# 1: Increase Account Engagement

Engagement is the most important key for beating Instagram algorithm. Have you noticed that when you like someone’s posts you will see his more posts on your feed? Instagram algorithm will push the most engaged posts to your feed. So, keep interacting with your followers. You can comment and like them to boost your engagement.

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# 2: Publish Posts Continuously

As previously stated, time is another important point to beat Instagram algorithm. If you want to get the best chance to grow your account. You have to publish posts continuously. You can post photos and videos often to keep your profile fresh. Your followers will check your posts one by one, which will add more engagement to your accounts. If it’s a little difficult for you to post daily, you can set a schedule with proper posting frequency, which will help you to beat Instagram algorithm largely.

# 3: Post Reels Consistently

Instagram reels are a new feature of videos launched recently, and it is a brand-new field for users to explore. Instagram algorithm will focus more on fresh functions. Instagrammers want followers to spend time engaging with their profiles as long as possible. Whether short or long reels require people to stop and watch, it will extend the sessions people stay on your Instagram. If you make your reels into “Featured”, it will be pushed to millions of Instagram users. So, post reels frequently, the algorithm will reward you.

Post Reels to Beat Instagram Algorithm

# 4: Harness Branded Hashtags

You must be familiar with hashtags. Similar to previous years, it’s a must to post with trending hashtags. Using hot hashtags is significant to your account exposure, which can catch organic impressions and reach on Instagram in seconds. It is suggested that add at least 3 hashtags when you publish a post or video. People search various topics can get to your posts, thus, the possibility of being seen will increase. Harnessing branded hashtags enables users to click other things and browse more content. In this way, you will know what post is running the best and beating the Instagram algorithm.

# 5: Draft Eye-Catching Captions

Instagram hashtags, emojis, and call-to-action phrases can be added to your captions, which will rich the content and promote your account. Eye-catching captions can provide more information for your photos to engage with followers. Instagram algorithm prioritizes engagement. The more a user spends time reading your posts, the better your posts will rank. Additionally, you can get more followers with good captions

# 6: Go Live Often

Live video has been widely used in recent years. You can interact with followers and strangers. They can ask you questions, and you can answer them immediately. The real-time interaction can promote the relationship between you and your audience. Go Live once or twice a month and save the live as an IGTV video. There will be massive Instagram views of your live videos.

Go Live to Beat Instagram Algorithm

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# 7: Run a Giveaway or Contest

For many businesses, running a giveaway or contest is the most engaged and popular. Giveaways and contests can generate unbelievable engagement to your profile. If you want to introduce a new brand, your prize will be your product and cash. Money is the most attractive reward for users to join the giveaway. Tell your audience the prize, rules, deadline and so on. They will engage with your Instagram in an instant.

# 8: Focus on Account Insights

Tracking how your posts and videos are performing is another important way to beat Instagram algorithm. You can check what is working and what is not, then you can turn out a more targeted plan to boost your account. Instagram insights (only for business accounts) gather all the data together, such as Instagram impressions and reach. Checking the key metrics frequently is vital to know what helps your ranking.

Instagram Insights - Beat Instagram Algorithm

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The Bottom Line

With the 8 tactics mentioned above, do you know how to beat Instagram algorithm 2021? Whatever tactic or strategy you choose to beat Instagram algorithm in 2021, keeping engaging with your audience is the most important thing. Building a closed relationship with your followers is the super way to outsmart the Instagram algorithm. Download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to enhance your audience community right now!

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