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[Quick Solutions] How to Stop Automatically Following on Instagram?

This post will give you tricks and solutions on 'How to stop auto following on Instagram 2021'. If you are puzzled about why does Instagram automatically follow accounts for you, you can find answers here.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Gary

Does Instagram automatically follow accounts for you? Well, you must have encountered strange profiles' posts in your home feed but you cannot remember ever following him/her at all. And this problem could be attributed to an automatically following on Instagram. If you feel annoyed towards the unfamiliar accounts that bring no value to your account, then this passage will let you know why do they occur, and how to get rid of them for good. Please read on.

Cover of Automatically Following on Instagram

Why Am I Automatically Following on Instagram?

Possible targets that should be blamed for automatically following on Instagram are 1. Your accidental operations. 2. The hacker already knows your password. 3. Some 3rd spam programs are still in control of your profile. Until now, you might have realized ‘is my account have security issues?’ the answer is yes. Now please reach the most possible factors and be prepared to fix them.

  • The Accidental Clicks

This should not be the major cause of those who have followed many strange accounts. This possibility is listed here for reminding you to do a second thought and save energy. 

  • Hacker/Password leakage

Some of you may forget the unauthorized Apps once leveraged, still have access to your account. And it is also the situation when you share your password with your intimate friends. 

  • Instagram growth manager that once worked for you

Some 3rd-party marketing tools claim they can grow tons of followers for you, but as a matter of fact, they just implement the follow-unfollow method on your behalf. The influence of such behavior could last long, and this situation also cites the reason for your constant loss of followers.

How to Stop Auto Following on Instagram 2021? 

  • Eradicate all the unauthorized Apps and Websites

Note that this procedure can only be processed on the desktop-version Instagram. Now, please navigate to and log in to your account. 

Step 1. Click on your profile icon. And then search for a gear icon, hits it if you find it.

Step 2. Clicking on it will call out a butch of options, where you can find one called ‘Apps and Websites’, click it. 

Remove Unauthorized Apps and Websites

Step 3. Then you can see all the Apps that have been authorized. Go to the ‘Active’ tab and see what’s still enjoy the privilege. But you are suggested to remove them all for the security.

  • Change the password

Changing the password is the most effective measure to prevent further loss. The step is rather similar to those above, let’s take a look.

Step 1. Navigate to the profile icon > hit the gear icon.

Step 2. On the popping-up menu, hit ‘Change Password.’

Step 3. Now you can weigh out a new password that shares a higher security level.

Change Password to Prevent Automatically Following on Instgaram

  • Last step: Turn on the Two-factor authentication to protect your account

As another layer of protection, two-factor authentication (also named two-step authentication) surpasses ordinary password access by adding up facial scan or fingerprint to log in to an account, making it an impossible task to be hacked by malicious Apps.

Here is how you can activate this function:

Activate the Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1. Go straight to your profile > tap the hamburger menu > hit settings.

Step 2. Then hit Security > Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 3. A blue button appears, click it if you want to get started.

Step 4. Follow the guide and finish the settings. 

Till now, the most practical methods for 'how to stop automatically following on Instagram 2021' have been introduced to you. And one tip that comes from this problem is, never to use untrustworthy 3rd-party Apps. And if you want to better boost/manage your account, one free and secure Instagram marketing tool will be appended below, let’s check it out.

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This passage answers the question ‘why am I automatically following on Instagram?’ To wrap up, there are several factors that result in this unpleasant phenomenon, but after reading this post, it is believed that you can now easily solve the problem 'How to stop automatically following on Instagram 2021.' BTW, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is a trustworthy tool that offers free Instagram followers, please feel free to try it!

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