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3 Best Apps to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram in 2021: Free & Quick

Need an app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram? Here are 3 apps that show you how to find who unfollowed you on Instagram quickly.

Updated 2022-04-13 14:50:56 | by Joy

Many users like to promote the brand on Instagram, and the prerequisite for making money is having lots of IG followers. You may find yourself losing followers and wondering who has unfollowed you, but Instagram won’t notice you when someone does. Without third-party apps, you have to go through your IG follower list manually and find out who is there before but now he or she seems to be missing. It is very difficult and time-consuming. The guide lists 3 apps to see who unfollowed you on Instagram easily and quickly. Keep reading.

App to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Title List

Followmeter: Best App to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram [iOS & Android]

Followmeter, made by Beaker Apps for iOS and Android devices, is one of the best apps to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. It can quickly analyze your Instagram followers and their activities. It tracks Instagram unfollowers for free, finds out who your secret admirers (one who likes your post but doesn’t follow you) are, and analyzes your story data. You can add more than one account and easily switch from one to another. It’s convenient to check all your posts and stories sorted by date, month, or year along with likes and comments. 

  Best App to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram 2020

Besides “Unfollowers”, Followmeter has other features, such as “You Unfollowed” and “Not following you back.” That usually happens when they are celebrities, public media, or brand official accounts. If you find your friend in the “Not following you back” section, you may consider you are not that close than you think.

Followmeter provides a premium version with no ads and some deeper analysis of your followers. You can see ghost followers (followers who never interact with you), new blockers, secret admirers, top likers (who gives you most likes). In a word, Followmeter provides you a simple way to access the deep insight of your Instagram account. 

See the steps on how to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

Step 1. Log in with your Instagram account, and then Followmeter will analyze your Instagram followers and their activities.

Step 2. On top of the front page, you will see how many posts you’ve posted, how many followers you’ve got, how many people you are following right now, and other functions like seeing who unfollowed you on Instagram.

 how to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

Step 3. In the “Unfollowers” section, if someone unfollowed you on Instagram recently, he or she will be shown here. If it says “0”, congratulations to you because no one unfollowed you recently. Keep it up! The number on the right side means how many people unfollowed you. 

Just tap on “Unfollowers” or the number, you will clearly find those who unfollowed you on Instagram.

how do you figure out who unfollowed you on Instagram

Follower Analyzer for Instagram: App to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram [Top Likers]

Follower Analyzer for Instagram is made by Maximo Lab, for Android users only. It helps you keep track of your new followers, lost followers, top likers, and top commenters on Instagram. With Follower Analyzer for Instagram, you will get more insight of your followers and then make specific changes to your strategy so that you don't lose IG followers randomly. You can also use it to analyze other public accounts and easily browse their top media. 

 App to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

This app also provides in-app purchases, including “Multiple Accounts”, “Top Likers”, “Top Commenters”, “Remove Ads”, “Unlimited Quota” and “Export List.” Based on your business need, you can decide whether to buy them or not. 

Now, let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Sign up for an account and then add your Instagram account to the app.

Step 2: Tap on your account and the app will automatically analyze your followers. After a few seconds, you will get this page, like a sort of report.

Step 3. In the “Lost” section, you can find out who unfollowed you on Instagram. Note that the app has a daily limit of account analysis for the free version. 

 how to know who has recently unfollowed you on instagram

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Followers & Unfollowers: No Limit App to Check Who Unfollowed You on Instagram 

Followers & Unfollowers is developed by Sara Tech and it supports Android only. With this app, you can easily check who unfollowed you on Instagram for free. It also allows you to unfollow 50 people who don’t follow you back with just one click. It sorts all your followers into “Don’t Follow me back”, “Mutual”, “I Follow” and “Follow Back.” With these clear categories, you can quickly do an analysis of your followers. 

 App to Check Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

If you want to be free of ads, you can buy a paid version of it. The app is also very easy to use, just see the following tutorial on how to check who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Step 1. Simply create an account and then log in to the app with your username and password.

Step 2: Click the button in the upper right corner to see all the features including the "Unfollow" section. Note that the homepage only displays “Don’t Follow Me Back” by default.

Step 3. Tap on “Unfollowers” to see who has recently unfollowed you on Instagram.   

how to check who has unfollowed you on instagram

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Detailed Comparison Chart of 3 Top Unfollowers Apps for Instagram

After reading the product introductions and tutorials, are you still not sure which app is the best? Here is a detailed comparison chart for you to choose the one you like.

Apps Ghost followers Top Likers Multi-Accounts Analysis Limit
Followmeter No limit
Follower Analyzer × Paid
Followers & Unfollowers × × No limit

After using three apps and comparing them to each other, Followmeter performs best. Followmeter has the most comprehensive functions though some of them require a premium version. If you just focus on the app that tells who unfollowed you on Instagram, Followmeter is still the best because its analysis is more accurate than the other two apps. 

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Bottom Line

Note that the third-party apps can only show you who unfollowed you after you log in. For example, if you read this article today and download them, you won’t see who unfollowed you yesterday. So, make a quick decision to find your ideal app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram.

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