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How to Add Music to Instagram Posts and Stories:3 Useful Ways Provided

Learn how to add music to Instagram post 2021, make your beautiful videos more cathing! Read these 3 effortless ways and get a move.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cody

To make your Instagram content more creative and attractive, you can add music to Instagram videos and stories. As you know, Instagram offers quite a few customization features for posting photos and videos including add music. 

Add Music To Instagram Video

Instagram allows you to add any tracks from Spotify to your Instagram stories and your audience can click the Play button to listen to the music. However, it is not that easy for Instagram posts and some people may not be able to find the add music feature for Instagram stories. These features are not so straightforward, but also possible. Keep reading to find out how. 

Title List

How to Add Music to Instagram Post: IG Story

Directly add music in Instagram Story may be the most used way when talking about how to add music to Instagram post 2021. And for a successful story, it takes a lot of love and a little music. We let you handle the first ingredient, but for the second, we've got you covered. Find out how to put a song to Instagram Story using the music sticker.

Step 1: Prepare your photo or video as a story.

Start by accessing story mode by clicking on your profile picture or on the camera at the top left if you are on the home page. Choose the photo or video you want to post either by taking it through the camera or by selecting one from your gallery. Then go to the stickers menu. 

Add Music To Instagram Story

Step 2: Choose the desired music.

Select the “Music” sticker in the list. The module offers you popular titles and a search bar. Type the name of the desired song. For us, it will be Carla's Bim Bam Toi, the music that drove internet users crazy this weekend.

Warm Note: Do you want to share the music you liked with more people and make friends with those who have the same interest as you? There is an app that is easy for you to get as many followers as you want, thus your video, as well as the background music, can be shown to people all over the world. What’s more, this app is free of charge and the followers are all real. All you need to do is enter the name of your Instagram account in the search box below:

Step 3: Configure the appearance of the sticker.

Once the song is chosen, you can determine the different appearance criteria:

• At the top of the screen, from left to right: report a lyrics error, change the title, choose the color

• At the bottom of the screen, from top to bottom: determine the appearance of the lyrics or the album cover, select the length of the extract, choose the desired passage in the song

Then confirm by clicking on the checkmark at the top right. Add filters and gifs to your story before you publish it. 

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What if you cannot find the Instagram Music Sticker?

This is It's a Geo-restricted licensing issue. As for now, the Instagram music sticker feature is available in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. 

If you are not in one of these countries and you want to use it, you need a VPN that supports the above regions. With that ready, you need to uninstall Instagram from your iPhone or Android phone, turn VPN on, and reinstall the Instagram app. After that, you should be able to add music to Instagram stories through music sticker. 

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Add Music to Instagram Post: Feeds

Unlike stories, Instagram does not provide the feature to add music to video posts. To work this around, you can create a video story, download this Instagram story, and then upload the video to your Instagram feed.

To download a video story that you've already shared:

Once you open your story that you want to download, tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right of the video and Tap Save to save the individual video or tap Save Story to save everything from your story as a single video.

If you find someone else’s Instagram stroy video great, you can also download it and upload to your Instagram feed as long as you give credit to the author and ask for permission. It is a little tricky to download private Instagram stories, but doable. 

Free Apps That Helps

Well, a free third-party App to add soundtracks to videos is a good choice when it comes to how to add music to Instagram post 2021. Your smartphone probably has an app built-in, so you don’t have to download anything. 

Add Music to Instagram Video on iPhone

For iOS users, iMovie is the best choice. iMovie is a free application developed by Apple that allows you to edit videos. You can free download it from AppStore and follow the steps below to add music to video for Instagram on your iPhone.

Step 1. Open the iMovie app and click the big plus (+) icon to create a new project, then select “Movie”.

Step 2. Select your video from Photos app and tap “Create Movie”.

Step 3. On the project-editing screen, tap the gear icon on the bottom right corner, then toggle on the option “Theme Music”. iMove comes with some stock music that you can add to the video. Of course, you can also add your music from music library or Files app. 

Add Music To Instagram Video iPhone

Step 4. If you want to add your own audio to the video, just tap the plus (+) icon and select “Audio” > “My Music” to select a song from your Music Libray or iCloud. 

Step 5. Now you can export the video with the music background and upload it as an Instagram video post.

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Add Music to Instagram Video on Android

If your Android phone does not include an app to combine video and audio, I recommend GoPro Quik. As you guessed, Quik is a free app provided by the famous camera company GoPro. It allows you to easily add music to videos. Quik provides some music tracks for your choosing and you can also add music from your own library.

It comes with some built-in templates that help you create stories using your pictures and videos. What I like most about Quick is the“slice” feature, which cuts the screen in half and plays your video one side at a time. 

Whether you have the GoPro camera or not, you can free download GoPro Quick from Google Play Store and start to create some awesome music videos for your Instagram posts. 

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