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5 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps Compared in 2021: Highly Praised in Both iOS/Android [Free]

Still looking for the best Instagram video editing apps? Look no further, for we already tested productions for you to pick! Come check our top picks for you to figure out what are the best video editing apps in 2021.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Julian

Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with hundreds of millions of active users, it became a place where people love to share their everyday moments. I believe you were attracted by someone’s video and wondered how they made such an interesting video? To solve such a problem, today we are going to share 5 best Instagram video editing apps that we selected from different aspects in 2021 – which are all highly praised in both IOS/Android systems, some including a PC version. No matter you are a camera enthusiast, filter-lover or someone just want to make a funny clip to share with friends, you will find one best app for you here. No worries if you don’t want to read too much, there’s a comparative table at the beginning, which helps you to find the most suitable one. So check these contents following, and start your editing journey!

Title List

Intro: Detailed Comparison Charts for the 5 Best Video Editing Apps

To save your time, and give you a clearer clue on what are the best video editing apps. We prepared this for you! Check it out now!

Horizon Boomerang A Color Story Adobe Premiere Rush
Editing × ×
Motion Controls × ×
Set BGM × ×
Sticker ×
Logo ×
Multi-Track × × × ×
Subtitles × ×
Frame Setting ×

And now let’s have a look at all of the best Instagram video editing apps in 2021:

1. InShOt - The Easiest Instagram Video Editing App

As a top-ranked video editor app, InShOt has it all – flitters, stickers, and various basic video editing functions. And it contains a free music library for video editors, where thousands of beautiful melodies included to match with your video, and no need to worry about the copyrights because InShOt made sure they are all royalty-free. What’s more, InShOt is free to download and most of its functions are accessible. You could purchase to unlock all such as a richer library of stickers, However, InShOt allows users to import photos as stickers, so you could have endless stickers here without paying a bill. For the reason that InShOt is awarded the easiest video editing app for Instagram, it made sure a simple interface contained. No any difficult terms and confusing buttons. Everything in this app was made for easy-to-use. Maybe you accidentally trigged something somehow, no worries – InShOt’s undo button will fix everything for you. Even the most inexperienced user can make a perfect video clip. Video editing app has never been easier. 

Video Editor App InShOt

Price: Free to use, US$2.99/month to unlock all of the features

Available: for Android/iOS


·Import your photos into InShOt to make your stickers

·Set frame size for Instagram by one click

·Blur the unused background

·Slow/fast-motion controls

·Compress the video without damaging the quality

·One-click sharing to other social applications


As the easiest Instagram video editing app, InShOt satisfies everything that a new Instagram video editor’s needs, but a fly in the ointment is that in the free version, the video will come with an InShOt logo and a small ad space. Although you can get by pretty well with everything in the free version, you could also choose to pay $2.99/month to unlock all of the features and eliminate the logo and ad.


Have you ever watched a video like this - snowflakes floating back to the sky and human jumping out of the water? And you wondered how this was made. Now, InShOt’s featured function – Reverse, will give you the answer. All you have to do is start InShOt, import a video, and click the reverse button, InShOt will reverse the video for you. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll get want you want. 

Demonstration of InShOt’s Reverse Function

Who loves it:

InShOt doesn’t have the technicality of software like Adobe Premiere Pro, but it could be a very excellent start for those who are just want to have some fun for their Instagram that aren’t meant to be so professional. InShOt stands at the top of the best Instagram video editing apps for its user-friendliness. You can tell from the rate in App/Google Store that we are not puffing it as the easiest Instagram video editing app.

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2. Horizon - HD Video Recording/Editing App

Sometimes when we want to post a video to Instagram, we might meet the problem that our video is in a landscape mode, which is not able to fill the entire screen of an Instagram user’s phone, Instagram would auto-fix this for us, However, if we want to post our Instagram video to other social platforms, our videos may not match with these platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. For problems like this, Horizon could help by clicking one button in this app, then you get whatever mode video you want! Also when we shoot, no matter how we tilt our phone’s camera up, down, back and forth, and the captured video will always be in horizontal so the video will always fit all those platforms. But this is not the highlight – as an HD Instagram video recording/editing app, Horizon supports users to shoot directly in 2k, so whenever our video will be the clearest!


Price: Free to use, US$1 for Android users while US$1.99 for iOS users

Available: for Android/iOS


·Shoot directly in 2K

·Shoot with the horizontal viewfinder and the captured video will always be horizontal

·Create with feelings with real-time filters

·Shoot in slow/fast-motion

·Tutorials for each function


Horizon only provides a free version with limited functions for Android users, and could only record a 15s clip. Also, there will be a mark at the bottom of the clip, and the clip will end up with a short Horizon ad. You could spend 1 dollar to get rid of the problem and unlock all the functions. As for IOS users, there’s no free version, Horizon runs the buy-out system in Apple Store. A one-time payment of $1.99, and you could enjoy this awesome HD Video Recording/Editing App forever!


Having said that Horizon has one unique feature, and that is the horizontal viewfinder. As you can see from the picture following. All you have to do is to click the camera lock button at the upper-left corner when shooting, and the captured video will always be in horizontal. Is that awesome to shoot with Horizon?

Horizon’s Horizontal Viewfinder Online Display

Who loves it:

Horizon was born for the camera enthusiasts, who are eager to shoot in HD. Besides, it is best suitable for these users who prefer a horizontal view on their videos.

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3. Boomerang from Instagram - The Funniest Video Editing App

As the funniest video editing app, Boomerang from Instagram is a tool, which was designed for Instagram users to have an easy and funny video editing app that everyone could use to make everyday moments interesting at first, it went popular later for amusing entertainment. Unlike other apps we selected, Boomerang allows users to make their GIFS and short videos by using a sequence of 10 pictures instead of making a formal video. Boomerang will loop the chosen photos automatically into a mini video, which allows you to get creative and make attractive videos quickly. So with this, you could make every moment funny.

Boomerang from Instagram

Price: Free

Available: for Android/iOS


·Download and use. Without any verification required

·Take 10 photos and the app will finish the rest 

·Post directly to Instagram.

·Doesn't occupy phone memory


Having said that Boomerang is a tool from Instagram, it decided its functions to be limited. In a nutshell, Boomerang doesn't have a lot of filters and only supports to make a dozen seconds clip. On the good side, Boomerang from Instagram is totally free.


Boomerang from Instagram is easy to use. All you have to do is click and take 10 photos instantly, and the app will finish the rest for you. Check this 52s video Boomerang by Instagram if you feel confused. 

Who loves it:

Boomerang from Instagram is better suitable for these who only want to share with friends a funny clip or make their Instagram story much more interesting. As the best free Instagram video editing app of these 5 apps, it also suitable for users who only want to have some fun easily and freely. 

Boomerang video is better suitable for Instagram Story, Read How To Put A Song On Instagram Story if you want to make Instagram Story more interesting and attractive.

4. A Color Story - The Most Colorful Video Editing App

A Color Story is awarded the most colorful video editing app for it contains more than 300 filters, which can enhance the color for any type or our photo or video. As an Instagram user, we may think the color of the photo/video that we want to post is not good. Most time they are still not good enough even with an Instagram filter. A Color Story is the perfect solution to this problem. Besides, it also allows users to add interesting effects like lighting flares, leaks, and a grainy effect. A Color Story contains more than 20 tools, but the filters are mostly what the Instagram video editing app all about.

A Color Story

Price: Free to use, US$4.99/month to unlock all filters and tools

Available: for Android/iOS


·More than 300 filters and most are free

·More than 20 free tools, including HSL + curves

·Save your customized filter in the editing process 

·Built-in Instagram grid preview and planning tool


A Color Story has a free version on both IOS and Android, which opened most functions and free filters to users. Users could pay to unlock all or buy a single filter pack. Besides, it would be better if they add the option to bulk edit dozens of photos and videos. And another problem is that A Color Story doesn’t support sync purchased filters and packages across devices for now.


A Color Story has a very simple interface. On the third picture in this photo, you could find A Color Story’s featured function - Instagram grid preview + planning tool. All you have to do is to import some photos, and there will be a simulated Instagram homepage. You can organize your photos here before posting them to Instagram. With this tool, your Instagram homepage will always be neat and attractive.

A Color Story’s Instagram Grid Preview + Planning Tool

Who loves it:

A Color Story is better suitable for these who love to adjust the colors of their photos and videos, and who need many filters but on a tight budget. Also, it suits those who want to make a neatly organized Instagram page. Besides, A Color Story could save user’s edits as filters so users can apply the same look to other videos.

Also: A Color Story helps users to make their videos much more beautiful so could draw more attention on IGTV Instagram.

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5. Adobe Premiere Rush - Top Video Editing App for Hardcore Users

Of all the Instagram video editing apps we selected, Adobe Premiere Rush should be a little bit extra for what it contains, are more than basic functions. But still, we picked it out from these top video editing apps for these hardcore users – they will absolutely love it. Adobe Premiere Rush offers 2 forms of editing: freeform and automatic. The freeform mode will let users take control while automatic mode will create the video for users with smooth transitions and selected footage clipping. What’s more, Adobe Premiere Rush supports you to edit multi-track, which is not provided by others. And here’s a tip of how to put multiple photos or videos to one Instagram story if you are interested in edit multi-track. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free to use, US$9.99/month to unlock all functions

Available: for Android/iOS & PC


·2 forms of editing: freeform and automatic

·Sync everything to the cloud. 

·Add music to videos and multiple audio tracks

·Over 30 royalty-free audio tracks make videos appealing

·Impressive effects for multi-track

·Customs dynamic graphic templates

·Exports optimized for all social platforms


Adobe Premiere Rush is totally free to download and use, the only problem is that the app only comes with 2GB of storage. You can pay $9.99/month if you need more than that. Although Adobe Premiere Rush provides users with tutorials, it is still not easy for inexperienced video editors. 


Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to import two videos and edit at the same time – mix their soundtracks or add a different effect to each other. Here is a demonstration of how to edit multi-track in the PC version of this app. Also, it allows you to splice these videos together, or trim the ends of clips to cut off material before and after the clip's main content. If it confused you, no worries, there are plenty of tutorials in learning, which easily to be found in the upper-left corner. 

Edit Multi-Track in Adobe Premiere Rush

Who loves it:

Adobe Premiere Rush is better with these who already have other Adobe products downloaded, you will feel familiar to this app in terms of editing. Besides, if you were used to creative photos/videos on PC, then Adobe Premiere Rush would be perfectly good, for it also has a PC version. And for hardcore users – don’t ever miss this app for its freeform mode is one of the most versatile tools for creating high quality and customized videos.

Also: With Adobe products support users to add music to Instagram video easily.

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The Bottom Line:

So which Instagram video editing app will it be the best suitable for you with all of these options and suggestions? If it’s still hard for you to pick which tool is right, no worries, most of them are free or come with a free version that allows you to test before making the purchase. There is an all-in-one editor to choose from, such as InShOt and Adobe Premiere Rush, or you can go the simple and often free route. There are niche editors for things like filters, stickers, animations, and others. It’s all about your unique needs. At last, the best Instagram video editor apps for you really depends on your budget and the type of video you’re trying to create. Having said that, get out there and experience a little before settling on one.

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